Who would have thought 2020 would have been the year it has been when we attended last year’s prestigious Thailand Property Awards.

This year, celebrating their 15th year awarding Thailand’s best Developers could easily have been postponed or worse, canceled, but neither took place instead, a huge gathering of talent, glamour, and positivity descended upon the Athene Hotel to celebrate achievements in Thailands Property industry against all odds.

Best Eastern Seaboard Condominium – 2020

No better representative for Pattaya in attendance was ‘The Riviera Group’, picking up the most prestigious award for the Eastern Seaboard with ‘Best Condominium” 2020 for their project ‘The Riviera Monaco’.

This award tops off the countless awards they have won over the last 10 years and their 5th year in a row to win the top prize in Pattaya. In fact, to be specific, no other Developer has won this award either 5 times, let alone 5 years in a row. Quite an achievement for saying before COVID, the condominium market in Pattaya was a vibrant and active place to be.

The Riviera Group Now 10 Times Thailand Property Award Winners

The Riviera Monaco also picked up the award for ‘Best Interior Design’ which would come as no surprise if you had visited the showroom or more recently, the actual 3rd-floor showroom in the building available for viewing today.

Their latest project ‘The Riviera Ocean Drive’ was runner-up in the Best Condominium award, so we are sure we will see them again next year to have another go.

Attending the awards ourselves as media partners, we saw Winston and Sukanya with key team members take it in turn on stage to do what they always do and praise their team for their dedication and hard work. Typical of their Mantra of ‘no one person can make all this happen’, it’s a whole team event and for sure, the team spirit was on display at the ceremony. Catching up with a few of them after the award ceremony whilst taking photos, those we spoke to expressed how proud they were and that even though it’s been a tough year, the mood within the company has remained positive throughout.

Pattaya’s own ‘Property Ambassadors’?

Positive indeed, as we at REm attend the Thailand Property Awards each year and have observed those that come and go, the new companies and the established ones, I can’t help but feel these days how The Riviera Group feel like they have become Pattaya’s best Ambassadors for the city when in the Capital of Bangkok. They are upmarket but accessible, an established quality company that is successful, over-delivering every time, and incredibly reliable, yet they are still uniquely positioned to set themselves apart from the rest. Perhaps I am biased, after all, they do advertise a lot with us and of course, we are grateful for that. But it’s so much more than bias, there’s a secure, reassuring feeling at these awards in the capital city when you know they are there representing the Eastern Seaboard. Their projects are as good as any of the best in the capital, yet these awards typically focus and praise the Bangkok Developers with so much more focus and attention than other regions. That said, these days, even the Bangkok crowd has been forced to take note, recognize, and appreciate The Riviera Group and what they represent. It’s quite uplifting to experience even if it’s not so easy to explain other than to say you have to have been at these awards, year after year, to fully understand this feeling.

As for the progress of Monaco, according to Riviera Group boss Winston Gale, the main building’s structure is all but finished now apart from painting the exterior and finishing the building’s crown at the top. With the handover of the project expected a few months earlier than planned next summer, the start of 2021 will see the focus being on the carpark, pool, and public areas. And as Winston has always said to me, that’s where the really tricky detail begins.

Remarkably, foreign quota is still available at the project (or is it that remarkable given the Borders have been closed to foreigners for most of this year) and even though those oh so nice glamorous showrooms has been taken down, the sales office still remains open every day at the entrance of the site.

Location can be reached off Sukhumvit road or at the very end of Beach Road Jomtien.