“Digital nomads are a type of people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner. Such workers often work remotely from foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces, or recreational vehicles.”

Once an under-the-radar trend, living the digital nomad lifestyle has become well accepted. A goal, a career target and a way of life that is being sought by many.

Pieter Levels, the founder of nomadlist, said:“Saying you’re a ‘citizen of the world’ is a super cliche right? But it’s becoming quite true.”

Over the past few months we have focused on the growing trend not only in Thailand but worldwide.

We have looked at ‘The Rise of the ‘Digital Nomad’(DigNos).

What a DigNos lifestyle is/can be and what really is a DigNo in comparison to our own pre-conceived ideas.


We then looked at locations all over the world and where best to ‘WORK’.

City’s/community’s that are reaching out to the the DigNo.

Key Factors:

1. Low cost of short-term lodging
2. Fast and reliable internet
3. Access to a digital nomad community and friendly work space
4. Warm climate
5. Laid back culture

We commenced the journey in Thailand, however keeping a open-eye on the content of Asia, We even crossed oceans and times to diss co-working in  Medellin, Columbia.


We more recently looked at Co-Working and how this current trend is effecting Real Estate developments within Thailand as developers are looking at such spaces within new condo builds.


Such is the rise in Digital Nomads that countries are even changing laws to cope with this:

“Visa runs are also often common in the digital nomad community. Some nomads have also attempted to legalise their stay by taking up part-time jobs in teaching English as well as taking university courses in their host country. In addition, digital nomads are often using their status as permanent travelers to escape the tax liability in their home countries without, however, immigrating to the tax system of another country. Nevertheless, this practice is considered controversial amongst digital nomads.

This has resulted in the creation of several programs targeted at digital nomads such as the e-Residency in Estonia and a SMART visa program in Thailand. Estonia has also announced plans of a digital nomad visa, following its growing e-Residency applications. Some digital nomads have also used Germany’s residence permit for the purpose of freelance or self-employment in order to legalise their stay.”

Chiang Mai was top of the pops when it came to Digital Nomads and held the top ranking on nomadlist, but recently its was edged out only recently by Canggu in Bali and Bangkok.

So, here are five  Co-Working Spaces place we recommend in Bangkok:


HUBBA Thailand

“Thailand’s first co-working space started in a humble two-story house in Ekkamai. In HUBBA’s five years HUBBA have built a network, a community, and an ecosystem.

HUBBA started out as a space where new entrepreneurs could work together to find success and has grown into a complete ecosystem with programs to help entrepreneurs and startups reach their goals.”

HUBBA Thailand

HUBBA have now added HUBBA-TO, Discovery HUBBA, and HUBBA Silom and also offer a host workshops and keynotes by local and foreign entrepreneurs.


Growth Cafe & Co, Bangkok

BK magazine called this place “a hipster’s dream hangout.”

High-speed Wi-Fi, multiple power sockets, snack bar, lockers and security cameras, Coffee ranges from B60 and an array of sodas. Frappes, mochas and more.

“Situated in the vibrant Siam Square, Growth Cafe & Co. is a co-working space that brings together university students and entrepreneurs by providing them with the platform they need to realize their potential.

Their green facilities offer creative individuals a serene and inspirational place to meet, study, and get work done. Enjoy collaborating in an environment that provides a sense of community, equipped with a full range of amenities, tools and rooms at your disposal.”


Glowfish, Bangkok

Glowfish Offices first opened its doors at Asoke Tower in 2010. Its concept of Work, Play Grow set the standard for modern offices, using innovative design to increase productivity, to support business growth, as well as to support customers’ lifestyle choices.

Glowfish offers serviced offices that are ready-to-use, meeting rooms that can be rented hourly as well as event spaces for holding seminars or other leisurely activities.

Glowfish currently occupies office spaces in Asoke and Sathorn, covering an area of 1523 sqm and covering over 4000 sqm, respectively. Glowfish Sathorn will also introduce a new concept of Lifestyle Integration through partnering with various restaurants, gyms as well as building new creative meeting spaces and event halls in order to promote business success for Glowfish’s customers.


The Hive, Bangkok

The Hive Bangkok was the first international branch of this co-working space brand that already had three addresses in Hong Kong.
In Bangkok they also now have three addresses:
The Hive Thonglor
The Hive Prakanong
The Hive Spa
as well as treble ling there, size in HK and opening various spaces in Singapore, Australia, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam.

The Hive at Piman 49 the original and first location in Bangkok occupies 5 floors of a modern building which includes a huge rooftop and as they put it “the best little spa in town on the 1st floor.”


Launchpad, Bangkok

Located in the Silom business district, in Sethiwan Tower, Launchpad has created a professional yet playful environment for entrepreneurs to collaborate and exchange ideas.

With more than 880 square meters of space and over 100 large desks custom fitted for the optimal working environment, Launchpad provides a beautiful and professionally crafted work space similar to those of the world’s leading technology companies in Silicon Valley.

In addition to working at desks, Launchpad offers 5 spacious “Meeting Rooms” or laid-back and relaxed comfortable working environments with sofas and bean bags in the “Lounge Area”,


The WorkLoft, Bangkok

Open 24 hours a day The Work Loft is defiantly the night owl’s co-working space of choice.

“WORK & MEET IN THE HEART OF BANGKOK, looking for a great place to work or meet? With airy work spaces, funky private offices, cool meeting rooms, café-bar and more, Work Loft is where you need to be.”

The Work Loft also has a large meeting room on the 6th floor you can book and a rooftop bar.


by Paul Johnson