Nong Palai and the surrounding areas of East Pattaya are fast becoming one of the top destinations for Thais and foreign nationals alike to settle and call home.

I guess it’s important to ask why and what it is not is a tourist zone.

You won’t see any tour buses, nobody is trying to sell you a suit or screaming massage from across the street.

There isn’t a Starbucks on every corner and while there are plenty venues for you to enjoy an evening out you won’t see go-go bars or discos blasting awful music.

Skyscrapers, shopping malls and large hotels aren’t there either having said that all these things are literally a stone throw away with all the new infrastructure, but it is a place where real people live, people with jobs and families. Expatriate workers and businessmen, retirees, young and old foreign and Thai.

The Nong Palai area itself where Villa Asiatic is situated is perfectly nestled at the gateway of Pattaya and is only 1km away from Naklua beach with great motorway access coming into Pattaya from Bangkok, or from the railroad access coming from the Highway 36 side.

The area has a real eclectic mix with two fresh markets near the project one open Mon-Wed-Fri with the other being open Tues-Th-Sat-Sun so you’re never too far away from fresh food or local delicacies.

One of the major plus points for living in the region are the choices of schools everything from good local schools to International schools.

The area boasts the highly acclaimed Regents International School as a neighbor along with The International School of Chonburi but also has schools such as Maryvit School Pattaya on its door step giving you a great range and choice in education for your family.


Regents International School

Families and people alike choose the area as it provides such a convenient lifestyle there are grocery stores, gyms, restaurants, clinics and banks as well as many new attractions such as Pattaya Sheep Farm and Frost Magical Ice of Siam, Thailand’s largest ice sculpture reflecting the art of Siam with many great activities including the first ice dome of Pattaya.


Frost Magical Ice of Siam


If golf is your thing then you’re also never too far away from a golf course living in this area with a plethora of courses catering for the most skilled golfer to those that just love taking in the occasion.

Krua Ban Pa Boon is a restaurant very typical of the area and is extremely popular with locals opening up early in the morning and serving delicious Thai food in a great outdoor setting over a lake, it gets extremely busy in the evening due to its popularity.

Not far from the restaurant and Villa Asiatic you also have Bianco coffee, bakery which is a must go to for great coffee, cakes and much more.



Only 10 minutes’ drive from the project and you will find Café De Beach a magical seafood restaurant located right on the beach in a stunning spot overlooking the sea. It’s a great place to chill, kick back, listen to live music and enjoy one of their many cocktails whilst watching the sun set.

I guess what I’m ultimately saying this really is a great area to choose to live.

The proximity to the sea allows for breezes to blow through the location, making it a great place to sit outdoors and enjoy the sunset to the west, or the sunrise over the mountains to the east.

And although you’re not in the heart of Pattaya or right on the beach it really isn’t far at all. For me you have the best of both worlds.