“There is no such thing as a perfect investment, There is only a perfect investment for your personally!”

Emerging Treads Advisors (ETA) is a focused wealth accumulation consultant company, with a focus on secure cash returns by being backed by Real Estate.

Whilst a new name, the company is the genesis of Mr. David Simpson’s development of a key idea to locate a business model that is client focused and offers leading and secure financial products for the investor of today, particularly relevant in these low interest rate climates.

Mr. Simpson set out to create an organisation that was, to his belief, not available in the region. He was looking for a group of professionals who brought their skills of property investing, asset management, wealth management and more to his business. Over the past couple of years he has realised his vision and wrapped it all under Emerging Trends Advisors (ETA).

This highly talented group of expats have come together in a cohesive and have successfully built on Mr. Simpson’s vision.

As a company, ETA can cater for a diverse range of nationalities, as it has personal that are diverse in their country of origin as they are in creativity and talent. The staff come from the United Kingdom, China, Russia, Thailand and they also speak several other European Languages.

ETA also has its own Thai qualified lawyer and team, to ensure that all necessary due diligence prior to sale and post purchase are completed to the most exacting standards.

ETA prides itself on working with only the most sought after brand names in the investment property sector. A key component of its property selection process is that a healthy return is in place by means of an assured ROI contract and that the property management is of the highest international reputation.

The choice of investment is one that takes place with care and is always focused on the interest of the client. Price and profit are not our motivation, we want happy and repeat clientele who we can build a portfolio of properties to support their investment plans.

We see many clients looking for a secure and steady retirement cash flow with a capital appreciation and we work hard for them to achieve this result.

Whilst our selection of properties originates from around our headquarters in Pattaya Thailand, we have, in conjunction with our global partners and affiliates commenced to offer selected properties in the ASEAN region and other destinations in Thailand. ETA is actively seeking to expand its portfolio to provide the maximum diversity of products to assist in building and diversifying their client’s portfolio.

As a business, we have expanded dramatically over the past couple of years with more exciting innovation coming in the next few months.

If you would like to become a part of our family of clients, contact us now and discover our world of unbiased property investment advice and how together we can build a profitable future.