Just a few kilometers off the coast of Sattahip in the Gulf of Thailand you’ll find a piece of paradise known as Koh Kham.

It is an island that is stunningly beautiful and as of yet, a hidden gem, visited mostly by locals and Thai tourists.

Koh Kham is under the responsibility of the Royal Thai Navy and it offers an eco-tourism style with a lot of activities to participate. However, there is no accommodation provided on the island and it is not allowed to stay overnight as well. Koh Kham opens on Saturday-Sunday and during the public holidays only.

Furthermore, they also limit the number of tourists visiting the island around 300-400 people per day only.

How to get there #travel

– Buy a ticket at the Naval Inspector Battalion 2, Department of Naval History. 
– 20 baht bus fee, a walking ticket can be purchased for 250 baht per person (round trip). Tickets can be purchased from 7:00 am onwards. 
– Departure 9.00 / 10.00 / 11.00 – Return trip 13.00 / 14.00 / 15.00 (can choose to return at any time) – Once the ticket has been purchased, take the Songthaew provided by the boat to go to the temple.

What to do #activities

Before we tell you about what you can do on Koh Kham, you should probably know what you cannot do.

You should note that this island is under the protection of the Royal Navy in efforts to preserve the marine ecosystem.

• You cannot litter by any means (although we did notice some trash) – an inevitable side effect of increased tourism
• Be responsible in any activity you partake
• In order to swim or kayak, you must wear a life jacket
• Be respectful in every way (we didn’t see anyone in bikinis so if you’re a bikini person, we recommend covering up) as this is a very local, family destination
Now here are the things you can do here:
• Bring your own food but make sure you throw it away in the marked bins
• There are some little shops selling snacks and some Thai meals
• Hike up the hill (east of the island) to a viewpoint

Kayaks and snorkels are available for rent

Just relax on the beach, soak in the sun and watch the beautiful view, we picked a spot underneath some trees which had hammocks. We fell asleep as we watched the sea change colour from turquoise blue to an aery orange, simply beautiful!

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