Known locally as The Beverley Hills of Pattaya, once visited, you can certainly understand why.

Sprawling beachfront villas, an array of luxury condominiums, five-star hotels and resorts as well as a plethora of fine dining and international eateries and not forgetting to mention a Yacht Club.

All of this and you’re only five minutes from the centre of town yet being the other side of the hill you’re still shaded from any city centre pollution and noise.

A perfect position to get to the bright lights and pulsing music of Pattaya and the sleepy seaside of Jomtien. Five minutes in either direction and you are in two different worlds.

Yes, you’ve got it ‘PRATUMNAK’.

Also known as Pattaya’s Royal Hill due to its connection with Thailand’s Royal family, Pratumnak has everything mentioned above and so much more.

Due to the area’s topography and hillsides, although there are hotels and resorts Pratumnak is also considered as prominently residential and given it’s only minutes from Pattaya’s city centre, shopping malls and nightlife this makes it the perfect place to have a home away from home.

Pratumnak sits perfectly between Pattaya and Jomtien allowing you the freedom to choose either direction whatever your taste, if you were to continue slightly further south of Jomtien towards Na Jomtien you’ll discover another world of pleasure with beautiful coastline in abundance, beachfront restaurants, water parks and even vineyards.

All of this, again, is only a short drive from Pratumnak.

This month we take a look at some of Pratumnak’s best and more unique places to dine.


One thing Pratumnak has over its competition is its bounty of restaurants, from fine dining in five-star hotels, local family-run ‘hidden-gems’, two Irish pubs, Pratumnak has somewhere for something for everyday of the week and then some.

Here are just a few places to get your taste buds tantalising that Pratumnak has to offer but the list could continue for sometime such is the variety of eateries both in cuisine, style and price tag.

If local cuisine is what you’re after then Pratumnak has one of Pattaya’s best and maybe most famous  – Cabbages & Condoms inside The Birds & The Bees Resort.

Cabbages & Condoms

Located at the foot of Soi 4 Pratumnak the multi-levelled restaurant sits above a secluded beachfront with stunning views over the bay and serves some of the best Thai food as well as international cuisine you’re likely to find. The resort and restaurant are both unique not only in name, but design.

Another unique restaurant can be found on the Cosy Beach side of Pratumnak and, although relatively new to the Pattaya restaurant scene, it’s quickly established itself as a key player.

Harlan Goldstein’s Comfort Food For Friends has taken Pattaya by storm, headed by the two-star award-winning Michelin chef the restaurant’s ever-changing menu and constantly evolving plates are making this place the most talked about in town.

Famous for its Blackout Sunday Brunch, excellent choices of beers, wines and spirits as well as their signature cocktails and not forgetting to mention the restaurant’s eclectic decor Comfort by Harlan is an unforgettable experience, all for the right reasons.

Other restaurants nearby at Cosy Beach and ones worthy of a mention are The Chocolate Factory and The Sky Gallery both just minutes from The Royal Varun Yacht Club sit side by side with cliff side views over the bay and to Koh Larn Islands.

The Chocolate Factory Pattaya
The Sky Gallery Pattaya
Royal Varuna Yacht Club Pattaya

Au Bon Coin is another truly unique establishment to be found in Pratumnak, located between Soi 4 and 5 the French gastro/fine dining restaurant has an ambiance all of its own.

With a limited number of tables and set in a cosy-country cottage environment you’ll be forgiven once inside if you forget you’re in Thailand let alone Pattaya. The chef and proprietor Jose is an enigma himself adding to the charm of this hidden gem.

Having said all of this Au Bon Coin is definitely one of Pattaya’s finest dining experiences. It’s reputation is second to none and each day it prepares and serves French cuisine that will blow your mind!