Wonderfruit lives up to its commitment to sustainable living, wraps up the fifth celebration of life with creative art and positive vibes

Wonderfruit, Thailand’s pioneering, sustainable, cross-cultural and live celebration of art, music and ideas, turned its fifth edition into a truly memorable and meaningful event. Around 17,000 Wonderers from all over the world flocked to the new site at The Fields at Siam Country Club, and discovered the meaning of sustainable solutions by celebrating them through six unique, diverse and creative pillars – art and architecture, music, farm to feasts, talks and workshops, family and wellness.

Wonderfruit again underlined its commitment to the core of its ethos, sustainability, in every aspect of the event, from banning single-use plastic to its waste management methods and the creation of stunning structures and stages all over Wonderfruit’s captivating new landscape.

Combining innovative design techniques with sustainable materials mostly recreated from nature, Wonderfruit strives to drive the world towards sustainability.

This year, Wonderfruit extended its commitment to sustainability through architectural marvels. The Quarry immersed Wonderers in a natural green venue created by all (zone) that utilised a modular geometric network of woven recycled panels that reflected light in sync with the beats of DJs like Craig Richards, Bobby Pleasure, Margaret Dygas, Mathew Jonson and more.

The Theatre Stage by Mpdstudio, itself a wonder of bamboo architecture, mesmerised Wonderers with the tunes of Sóley, Costlywood and Peter Broderick alongside the site’s scenic waterway, while the Solar Stage with its iconic modular geometric building system of interlocked wood panels reconfigured by Gregg Fleishman let Wonderers have a blast with sunset and sunrise music programmes by Stavroz, MEUTE, Young Marco and Crussen.

The Theatre of Feasts returned this year on the concept of circling flows designed by Ab Rogers. The theatre let Wonderers experience fascinating culinary performances as award-winning chefs prepared feasts from behind a central kitchen island. The feasts were well created by Bo.lan’s Chef Bo – Duangporn Songvisava and Chef Dylan Jones, Chef Chalee Kader (100 Mahaseth), Chef Prin Polsuk (Samrub for Thai), Chef Num Triyasenawat (Samuay & Sons), Chef Garima Arora (Gaa), Chef Paolo Vitaletti (Appia and Peppina), Chef Jarrett Wrisley (Appia and Soul Food Mahanakorn) and The Guest List.

Introduced at The Fields for the first time, Wonder Kitchen offered an opportunity for Wonderers to closely witness a chef’s kitchen theatrics as they created dishes or learn even more by joining master classes and cooking workshops. They were facilitated by Chef Black – Phanuphon Bulsuwan, Chef Ik – Bunn Boriboon, Takashi Hirasawa, Chef Tam – Chudaree Debhakam and Mark Lloyd.

Wonderers restored their minds, bodies and souls through a range of wellness activities held at Wonder Garden, while little Wonderers and their families enjoyed spending time together at Camp Wonder. The Eco Pavilion was home to Scratch Talks delivered by diverse speakers aiming to encourage innovation.

Wonderfruit 2018 wrapped up with FUTURO – X, the first-ever experiment in empathy engineering that saw a collaboration between the Waldorf Project, Wonderfruit and Lordfai – Navinda V Pachimsawat together with dance troops from the Bangkok Dance Academy spearheading all Wonderers to share empathy under the moonlight in The Fields.

“I’ve been in The Fields before and this year I felt there was huge progress. Lots of workshops and activities are offered here for everybody. All ages and races are combined. Many parents brought their children here, and friends and couples had a great time.”
A Wonderfruit attendee

All wonderers, please mark your calendars as #Wonderfruit2019 is now on schedule; 12-16 December 2019. The festival will take place at The Fields at Siam Country Club, Pattaya.

For further information and the next phase of tickets, please visit www.wonderfruit.co.