During the pandemic, Gen Z Thais have been swiping right and dating closer to home according to recent data* released by Tinder. Using Tinder’s Passport feature – free to all users globally until the end of April 2021 – Thais have been searching by location and dropping pins to like, match and chat with others in cities across Thailand over the past year.

Tinder Airways – Tinder wrapped an airplane and created a pop-up Tinder station at ChangChui Creative Park in Bangkok.

Tinder’s geolocation, or ability to find someone nearby, has been highly relevant during the pandemic with city pairing data showing that Bangkokians dominate the choice for Thai Gen Z daters.

Recent data* shows that the Top 10 City Pairings in Thailand are:

1. Chiang Mai – Bangkok
2. Khon Kaen – Bangkok
3. Pathum Thani – Bangkok
4. Hat Yai – Bangkok
5. Nakhon Ratchasima – Bangkok
6. Nakhon Pathom – Bangkok
7. Pattaya – Bangkok
8. Udon Thani – Bangkok
9. Chon Buri – Bangkok
10. Ubon Ratchathani – Bangkok

Highlighting how Tinder’s Passport feature enables Thais to travel virtually and make matches at home and abroad, Tinder launched TINDER AIRWAYS – a film looking to spark the young Thai traveler’s imagination to take a virtual trip via Tinder Passport. Thais have also been Passporting around the world, making new connections and dating virtually. Trendsetters by nature, Thai Gen Zs will be setting Thailand’s future international travel agenda as they look to move from virtual dating to dating in real life some time in the future.

Tinder wrapped an airplane and created a pop-up Tinder station at ChangChui Creative Park in Bangkok.

The Top 10 International Cities Thais Passported into are:

1. Seoul, Korea
2. London, England
3. New York City, USA
4. Tokyo, Japan
5. Los Angeles, USA
6. Sydney, Australia
7. Taipei, Taiwan
8. Singapore, Singapore
9. Paris, France
10. Shenzhen, China

As Thais are exploring virtual dates overseas, this is a two-way trend with people from around the region and as far away as Europe, Passporting into Thailand to find their perfect match. This bodes well for future cross border matches and travel to Thailand.

The Top 10 International Cities with Members Passporting into Thailand:

1. Delhi, India
2. Singapore, Singapore
3. Quezon City, Philippines
4. Istanbul, Turkey
5. London, England
6. Jakarta, Indonesia
7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
8. Mumbai, India
9. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
10. Paris, France

If you’ve never used Passport before or simply want to use it more effectively, here are some top tips.

#1 Spend a day in each place
So many places to see, so little time. Except that’s not really the case as you can travel digitally. Head to NYC and show some love, spend a day in Edinburgh and find out how many people have seen Nessy, or visit Jalisco and discover the secret to making tequila. Be mindful that you’re traveling to different time zones — give people enough time to match with you before you move on. After you successfully match, it’s also a great idea to have a virtual tour with your new match – just give them a Face to Face Video Call to experience different sceneries!

#2 Update your bio
It can be confusing to see someone thousands of miles away in your list of potential matches. Let people know you’re virtually backpacking around the world, but your homebase is Thailand. You may also want to expand your interests to include something relevant to that region.

#3 Be open-minded
There are definitely times you might find yourself the only foreigner in the entire city, but try to think of it this way: you’re finally out of your comfort zone! Be open-minded about new places, and don’t just travel to the spots you’ve heard of. Step into the unknown – this is the perfect opportunity for exploration and adventure, all from the safety of your home.

#4 Stay safe
The same guidelines for IRL travel apply for digital travel. Don’t give out personal information like your address. Ask questions and trust your gut. Just because you may never meet someone in person doesn’t mean you couldn’t be the victim of a crime — so use common sense and read our safety tips.

* Data from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021, amongst members aged 18-25 based in Thailand.