For The Riviera Group, it’s been an interesting time. Not only did they launch ‘The Riviera Monaco’ in February this year, selling quickly and reminding people once again why they are market leaders.

June saw their stunning showroom open to a huge party; they then stepped up the game and had a pre sales launch event the markets not stopped talking about (more on that shortly).


Just when it seemed the Midas touch of Winston Gale and his Riviera Group was at its height, they then go on to complete the ‘Triple’ for ‘Best Condominium Eastern Seaboard Condominium’ 2018 at this years Thailand Property Awards held only 2 weeks ago in Bangkok.


Just another award for them you may mutter?…well, its not quite that easy to summarize or indeed achieve.

No other Condominium Developer in Pattaya has ever won this, year after year consecutively (2016, 2017, 2018) and it’s well worth considering this may not happen again for a very long time.

The Riviera Wongamat Beach is a stunning project, deservedly winning these awards, for The Riviera Group, it’s not hard to see they really are going places.


Pre Launch Chaos at ‘Ocean Drive’




So that brings me back to their earlier headliner that’s been circulating in the market place lately, the pre launch event of ‘Ocean Drive’ and the reaction to the market days before the event even got underway.

Nobody in the property market in Pattaya can ever remember people having to push and shove to get in a que and get a number, even more so sleep outside overnight to secure a unit.

Occasionally in Bangkok it happens, its rare but it happens to the likes of big time listed Developers ‘Sansiri’, but never in Pattaya.

This tells us something.

The awards Winston and his team keep on winning tell us something. I don’t want to sound too smart and say I saw this coming a long time ago, but it is kind of hard to find a Developer quite like this in Pattaya.

The Riviera Group really are becoming the “Sansiri’ of Pattaya without even being a listed company.



Asking them what “Ocean Drive’ actually sold in 36 hours, I was told “Over 1.3 Billion THB of sales, approximately 65% of the project”. Not a bad weekends work I guess. But both Buyers and Agents today are as smart as they have ever been in today’s market.

To resell the units, they need a Developer they can trust with lots of experience, a strong bank finance history, of course a very desirable product and a good price to flip, ultimately they know what The Riviera Group represents.





We are of course no strangers to unusual sights here in Pattaya, so I guess we will be able to add this ‘Ocean Drive’ event to that list of ‘unusual sights’ we experience in the time we spend here. Having had a viewing myself of the projects, its not hard to understand why the market reacted the way it did. Again, apart from The Riviera Monaco, they seem to be tearing away from the competition and enjoying it.


The Special Person



Seeing photos of that chaotic event, you could see Khun Sukanya Gale (Winston’s wife) controlling the team and the proceedings with the skillful hand that has helped Winston get their Riviera Group Company to where it is today. A master class in partnerships, seeing them work together can be both fascinating and inspiring.

Indeed I was there when Winston walked on stage to collect the Triple Award two weeks ago. After thanking the organizers and judges, he gave a touching special thanks to Khun Sukanya, saying,

“thanks to her endless passion and support, without it, The Riviera Group wouldn’t be where it was today”.

He then went on to say “Happy Birthday Sukanya” which triggered a very loud cheer from the Pattaya tables within the room of 600 guests.

Certainly Bangkok Developers have noticed now, we in Pattaya can do it just as well, if not often even better.