AP Thailand’ pushes forth with new ready-to-move-in condo ‘LIFE Asoke Hype’ flags Project as the ‘First Boutique Condo’ in the heart of Rama 9

Hails the distinct aspect of being ‘The First Boutique Condominium’ to stand out with special designs reflecting the identity of the new generation. Good feedback has been received from new customers and transfer-stage customers, in spite of the COVID situation.

The best value for money in the locality, as the condo responds both to real residency and long-term investment. Actual site is now available for visit, with a building inauguration price starting at Bht 99 million.

AP Thailand, on its mission to EMPOWER LIVING, revealed the highlights of a ready-to-move-in condo for the Third Quarter, the Bht 5.8 billion LIFE Asoke Hype. Hailed as ‘The First Boutique Condominium’ situated at the heart of the Rama 9 area, distinct architectural elements were adopted while interior decoration was accomplished using the globally renowned brand Moooi. Privacy is achieved in the common area, to correspond to the living demands of the newer generation of clients who have a broad scope of vision and their own definitions of success. Get in touch with the real experience and visit the real spaces that provide the best view of the Makkasan green patch, with a building inauguration price of Baht 3.99 million.

Ms. Kamolthip Bumrungchatudom, Chief Condominium Business Group, AP (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd., gave an update on condominiums that are ready for ownership transfer in the third quarter of 2021, saying “

The Baht 5.8 billion LIFE Asoke Hype, with its 1,253 units, is our latest ready-to-move-in project for Quarter 3. AP intended to deliver a new condominium in the heart of the Rama 9 area that will empower the quality of life for the newer generation of customers, who are looking for something different within this locality. We are the first to highlight a luxury concept under the key concept ‘The First Boutique Condominium’ – attention was given to all compositions, including architecture and interior work. Emphasis was placed on redefining privacy through the design of the common area at this new-generation condo, and this differentiates us and makes us stand out from the other luxury projects.”

“Most recently, LIFE Asoke Hype has received good feedback from new customers who were making appointments to visit the project, and from customers who were taking ownership of their rooms. Some 200 residential units have been transferred in the first phase which has transpired. These developments reflect a positive signal from clients who were driven by real demand, and an interest in new, ready-to-move-in condos. In spite of the current fragile period of the economy, the developments were made possible by trust in the quality of LIFE-branded condos developed by AP. We presented a design that reached out to the true requirements of the customers – the functions of the common spaces and the suitability of the residential units are being offered at price packages with the best value for money in this area. It can be said that in this locale, LIFE Asoke Hype is a project without peers,” said Ms. Kamolthip.

“An additional key to success is found in the pitching of ‘The First Boutique Condominium’ that is geared towards responding to the living demands of the newer generation of people, who follow their own definitions of freedom and success – the peak of lifestyle, the peak of living quality. This statement is relayed through the following 3 dimensions.”

Privacy Design, which offers discreet spaces that redefine privacy in the common areas of the new-generation condo. The interior and landscape works were based on insights from real use; an example is the ‘Secret Seat’ design applied in the lobby and the garden, which provided the highest degree of privacy possible in the common area. The implementation of ‘The Circle Running Garden’ elevated running path set amongst the garden and large trees offers a feeling of privacy. Meanwhile, ‘The Muted Garden’ is a high-elevation garden set up in a way that offered personal zones.

The Custom Made Dimension raises the level of exclusivity and reflects the condo’s boutique conceptualisation. Valuable, captivating artwork from Moooi – a Dutch design brand of global renown, is used as interior decoration for the lobby. A painting masterpiece with an East meets West concept was brought in solely for this project, to deliver an atmosphere of exclusivity to the residents and the visitors.

Outstanding Design means that upon returning home each day, residents are welcomed by a unique and luxurious atmosphere made possible by a ‘Spectacular Drop Off’ rock-patterned mirror wall stretching 21 metres. The Red Hype color shade is unique to LIFE Asoke Hype – the strong red is the result of a collaboration between AP Design Lab and the world-class color designers at the Jotun Paint lab in Copenhagen, Denmark. The purpose-designed color enables LIFE Asoke Hype to be ‘The First Boutique Condominium’ that reflects the identity of the newer generation and possess a conspicuous but practical character,” concluded Ms. Kamolthip.

Ms. Kamolthip Bumrungchatudom, Chief Condominium Business Group, AP (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.,

The peak of lifestyle, the peak of living quality awaits, ready to address the living demands of individuals of the newer generation, who follow their own definitions of freedom and success. Empower all of life’s successes at LIFE Asoke Hype, situated at the best-connected location in the heart of Rama 9; the project is only 300 metres away from Rama 9 MRT station and is near entry and exit points for the expressway.

LIFE Asoke Hype is the 14th joint venture between AP and its Japanese partner Mitsubishi Estate Residence (a company of Mitsubishi Estate Group). The Baht 5.8 billion project sits on an area of 5 rai and 40 square metres, and houses 1,253 units in all. It offers an assortment of amenities such as a ‘Hover Bay’ swimming pool on the 7th floor, which was built to be elevated for the purpose of aesthetics and quiet. The ‘Athletic Sky Atrium’ 2-storey fitness centre offers users a panoramic view of the city as it sits wedged in between the uppermost floor (40th floor) and the rooftop. The Astro Deck relaxation space makes possible a 360-degree view of the city, allowing views of the the night sky and the constellations. Take relaxation a step further at the L-shaped Sky Pool – a large saltwater swimming pool – and the Mirage Sky Path, a clear floor bridge that gives users the impression of walking on the sky. LIFE Asoke Hype boasts a variety of units, including a 25.50 square metres studio type, 1-bedroom units sized at 30, 30.5 and 32 square metres, special 1-bedroom types with 35 and 40 square metres of space, and 2-bedroom units sized at 48.50, 60 and 64 square metres.