The Riviera Monaco launches

If you’ve picked up a copy of REm magazine this month you will have seen Winston and Sukanya Gale, owners of The Riviera Group gracing the cover with the handsome collection of trophies the group recently won at this year’s Asia Pacific Property Awards held in Bangkok.

The group picked up 15 prestigious awards in categories such as architecture, interior design and developing.

Not an easy achievement, certainly unprecedented in Pattaya, so we thought it appropriate to suggest they occupy the cover and display these awards and the talent Pattaya can boast. With so many weekend Bangkok visitors, it’s easy for them to forget that Pattaya developers can do it just as well as the capital can.

However, the real story in this issue is Riviera’s latest project, The Riviera Monaco. It’s the first launch since The Riviera Jomtien a few years ago. Winston said that “over-supply, sluggish demand, a mass of short-term investors combined with a shortage of real buyers” explained their long absence from any new launch.

So that in itself has made The Riviera Monaco a much anticipated project – from a local level at least. That said, with such highly acclaimed awards, media and marketing campaigns over the last several years, even Bangkok eyes will have been watching.

I got to sit down with Winston and Sukanya to talk about their latest project.



REM: A good, upmarket name  –Monaco – why and how did it come about?

Winston Gale: It’s a name I thought of three years ago. It continues the Riviera theme and sounded very appropriate for this project. Strong, classy and elegant.

REM: So that’s where your marketing strapline comes from then?

WG: Yes, ‘An Elegant Class Above’ pretty much sums up the project. We have grown and learnt so much from 2010 when we started The Palm, so I understand and know where the branding is going now, what we can deliver and what makes us different.

REM: I think I know already, but for the readers what is that?

WG: It’s the passion, the effort and attention to detail that makes the brand work. Understanding that we all enjoy five-star luxury hotel environments with great facilities, but wouldn’t it be great if our condo lifestyle felt the same. Most don’t have that philosophy, but we do.

Sukanya Gale: Yes, we’ve both always loved design; I think it shows in what we do. You can’t get this from design or architectural consultants you employ; it comes from the owners, which for The Riviera Group, is myself and Winston.

REM: To mention the awards quickly, 15 Asia Pacific and two organized by the Thai Government, that’s some month of accolades.

WG: Yes, We collect them but the team together makes it all happen. We seem to have been on a wining streak. Maybe it will end soon, but we are very grateful for the on-going endorsement of the industry.

SG: We hope it gives buyers more confidence in The Riviera Group now and in future projects.



REM: Excellent. So what are the details of Monaco we should know about?

WG: Well, it is 413 units in a 40-storey building with units ranging from 23.5sqm to 92sqm (two bedrooms). Starting price is from Bt1.7m fully furnished so the entry level into our project is very attractive. Sea views from almost 70% of the units, large open pool areas, our usual dramatic Riviera Sky Pool feature combined with lifestyle facilities as well as cutting-edge architecture.

REM: How are sales going? I remember you had an exclusive investors showing in February at Veranda’s Sofitel Hotel.

WG: Good. We have sold more than 50% already, but the key is that we have sold to real buyers, people who have put real money down.

REM: Has this been to mostly Chinese buyers?

WG: No, we have sold to them, of course, but we have a good mix. We have sold a lot to the domestic Thai market which means we have plenty of foreign quota left to play with.

REM: The showroom opens on Launch Night. What can we expect from it?

SG: We have four show units for buyers to see. The whole building generally is designed to reflect the final style of the lobby and general public areas. To give an honest presentation of how it may look. Typically projects focus mostly on the rooms and rely on picture renders for public areas. We always try to make sure the whole showroom environment really gives a proper taste of how final public areas will look and feel. So when you come to the showroom, you could almost imagine you’re in the project already.

REM: Finally, the Launch Party is on the June 23; can we expect a typical extravagant Riviera Group party?

SG: Yes, it is going to be a lot of fun. Lots of things happening, live music, famous people, entertainers, luxury giveaways and, as usual, all done in style.




Given that I attended their ‘Thank You’ Party last year in Wongamat, as well as previous events the group has hosted, we will certainly not miss this party. Look out for coverage in next month’s REM magazine.

See you there!

By Paul Johnson