Chonburi meets to discuss plans on Thailand 4.0. 

Thailand’s new flagship investment zone is the enhancement of the former Eastern Seaboard, that had been for over thirty years the region’s powerhouse for manufacturing and trade.

Thailand is now designing itself to be the manufacturing hub of Asia accommodating industries and the Thailand 4,0 scheme.

The EEC consists of the three Eastern provinces Rayong, Chonburi, and Chachoengsao with a combined area of 13,285 square kilometers. The Eastern Economic Corridor expects investments of US$ 50 billion during the next five years, mostly through foreign direct investments.

To implement the EEC, the government has set out three pillars:

infrastructure developments

super-generous incentives

investment facilitation.

K. Podjanee Autrodpinyo Deputy Secretary The Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) said Thailand 4.0 is in action and thar Rayong and Chachoengsao Provinces have been designated for the development of the EEC.



“A pilot project for the economic development of Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard over the past 30 years with these provinces being developed to support the fast growing industries.”

The EEC area covers over 13,000 Km2 and the government has launched measures to support and accelerate the economic growth in the EEC. Examples of these measures have been to develop public utilities, transportation systems, logistics, human resources, and investor’s facilitation in the form of One-Stop Service Center.

Dr. Peng Boonhom Permanent Secretary of Bangsaray also said we are working with the government to make Bangsaray better.

“We have 2 projects of 32 million baht making better beaches and putting up more lights to make our city look better.”


“Bangsaray has huge potential due to its location, beaches  and is attracting more tourist and investors each year.”

JSP Property and Chinese contractor Zhongtian Construction Group are working together in Bang Saray plus their are already other impressive developments and projects in the area such as Sunplay Asia.


By Vanida Lou