Happy Australia Day.

Here’s a few places to celebrate in Pattaya.




There might not be a parade or fireworks but the greatest hits of 2017 are playing in the background, there’s the Australia Open semifinals on the telly and heaps of pork, chicken, beef, sausages and burgers barbecuing, low n’ slow, in our Garden Terrace. There’s promotions on ice cold local beers to keep you hydrated and to rage on.

La Moon, Dicey’s ace house-band, will put on a ripper performance for our friends from down-under.







Australia Day Party
in conjunction with our neighbours –
Huay Yai Corner Store
with ♫♫ Fools Gold ♫♫ playing live at 8.0pm.
Its going to be epic

Special Aussie menu including Aussie BBQ, Australian Beefburger, Dim Sims, Lady Pies.