Roof and railroad jumpers, hanging, poisoning happen on a daily base in Pattaya and only 10% of these self-euthanasia cases are published in the local media. Why do people want to take their life?

Main reasons: broken heart, loss of a beloved relative, (gambling) debt, loss of a job, running out of assets, bankruptcy, terminally sick or severe lack of Quality of Life. Also, loneliness can be a killer.
“Euthanasia” is a Greek term meaning “good death”.

In this context, its objectives are met when death is induced which causes no pain or distress. This requires that the techniques which are used cause immediate loss of consciousness followed by cardiac and respiratory arrest that ultimately results in loss of brain function and death.

Euthanasia is in the Buddhist Thailand taboo, even your veterinarian refuses to put your beloved heavy suffering from pain dog into a forever sleep.

These days e.g. in the Netherlands there are some foundations, cooperation’s for help with self-euthanasia. Due to the increasing wish of ending this life, by feeling it is “complete “.

The End-of-Life Clinic was founded in 2012 by the Dutch Voluntary Termination of Life Association to assist elderly persons who consider their life to be ‘completed’.

This would involve separate legislation for elderly individuals who believe their life has reached its natural conclusion. The Government fears such legislation would stigmatise the elderly and undermine current euthanasia practice.

Fake USA media: “in Holland and Swiss you can use dead clinics “. This is far from the truth; euthanasia is indeed not forbidden but must meet strict conditions as laid down in Dutch legislation.

These criteria include a voluntary and well-considered request from the patient, unbearable suffering without any prospect of improvement, and the lack of a reasonable alternative.

There’s a notable increase in the number of patients traveling to Belgium, where “mercy killings” have been legal since 2002, mostly from other continents where euthanasia is barred.

Normally people make a notary Act, with their wish to end life when unbearable pain and being connected to all kinds of machines to keep you alive artificially. The hospitals and physicians have to respect this official document.


In BHP on the first floor, people can provide you with a euthanasia form strangely called “Living Will”.

It’s free of charge. Besides the 4 standard conditions, e.g. refusing feeding tube, mechanical respiration, don’t forget to mention that you don’t want the administration of any antibiotic, anticholinergics, corticosteroids or natural/artificial blood.

After the form is completed and you signed all, bring a witness to the hospital, and your document will be legalised. And please don’t order self-killing powder on Internet, very easy to find, however many fake websites, criminal hoaxes which may result in a non-successful suicide attempt which will highly possibly results in irreversible brain malfunction and you ended up as a zombie.

Personally, I understand quite well that healthy elderly want to finish their lives because it’s “completed” and I have that killing powder, tranquilisers, and anti-vomiting drugs in my freezer.

Hopefully, I don’t need it. Oh yeah, to finalise this somewhat sad and taboo item: indeed there is Life after the Death.