Major Development Unveils the Luxury Condo, “MUNIQ Sukhumvit 23”, with ‘LIVE AS ART’ concept in the prime location of Asoke-Sukhumvit

Major Development delivers a luxury real estate at the heart of the prime location, Asoke-Sukhumvit. “MUNIQ Sukhumvit 23”, is a 2,800 million Baht luxury high-rise condominium, 36 stories, under the concept “LIVE AS ART”. The luxury condominium emphasizes on unique designs that fit perfectly to the new generation’s lifestyle, conveniently located near BTS Asoke and MRT Sukhumvit.

Major Development, the leader in luxury real estate, unveils their jewel, “MUNIQ Sukhumvit 23”, a lavish high-rise condominium in the premium location of Asoke-Sukhumvit.

Valued at 2,800 million Baht, the project is located in the heart of Bangkok’s bustling business district and surrounded by leading department stores, premium office buildings, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and schools, about 200 meters from the MRT Sukhumvit stations and 300 meters from the BTS Asoke.

Outstanding with its unique Art Deco design, MUNIQ Sukhumvit 23 aims to cater to all spectrums of sophisticated modern lifestyle under the concept, “LIVE AS ART”, by morphing art into the design of maximized space efficiency.

Suriya Poolvoralak, Ph.D., Managing Director of Major Development Public Company Limited, stated,

“MUNIQ Sukhumvit 23 is a brand specifically curated to cater to the present-day premium buyers, especially those with an urban lifestyle. The project’s location is right in the heart of Bangkok’s business district, an area of progress. With its full amenities, it is the ultimate place for modern life and the best of Bangkok lifestyle living. It is conveniently located a walkable distance from the BTS and MRT, which eases the commute, whether by a personal vehicle or public transport. These are the unique – selling point of the estate that we are confident will be the main attractions for our target group.”

Suriya Poolvoralak, Ph.D., Managing Director of Major Development Public Company Limited.

MUNIQ Sukhumvit 23 is located on Sukhumvit soi 23, spanning 1-1-35 rai. The 36-stories, 201 units, with two types of utility spaces, includes the normal size and the collection apartment or what is called the “mini penthouse” limited to 12 exclusive units, spanning 83.22 – 191.11 sqm. Other apartments include the simplex, duplex, and triplex, which starts its range from 34.74 – 43.46 sqm (1-bedroom), and 54.68 – 99.27 sqm (2-bedroom). The quantity and sizes of the units have been carefully planned to maximize comfort and privacy, enhanced with a sizable garden amid the city. The project is fully equipped with a fitness center, rooftop swimming pool, jacuzzi, and ample common space. Furthermore, the condo provides the convenience and ease of the regular parking and automatic parking space that could accommodate 166 vehicles or 82 percent of the units. These amenities are truly the answer to the residents’ needs.

The executive explained further, “The project’s design is inspired by our vision that living and living well is an art form. There is a sense of balance between working life and personal life that makes living artistic. An individual has responsibilities in the workplace but should have a place reserved for happiness and personal time as well. This would allow a well-balanced working life, personal life, and family life. Our target group is clearly set, mid-career professionals who are on their way to building their own wealth and security, ages ranging from the late 20s to early 30s, with modern lifestyles. They are the start-up generation, proud of achieving successes on their own, interested in new innovations and technology, and looking for a home that could accommodate their lifestyle. As the project is completed, the price has risen to 250,000 Baht per sqm from the pre-sale price of 220,000 Baht per sqm offered at the end of 2016. We believe this property still has continuous potential as a great investment and continues to attract both Thai residents and expatriates.”

“LIVE AS ART” concept is laced in both the exterior and the interior of MUNIQ Sukhumvit 23, expressing aesthetic living with taste and style in its design concept that also makes way for spacious efficiency. MUNIQ Sukhumvit 23’s design team comprises Palmer & Tuner for architectural design, J&H BOIFFILS for interior design, and SHAMA for landscaping. Unique and different, MUNIQ Sukhumvit 23 stands out with Mondrian Art concept that uses horizontal and vertical lines, framing the details and at the same time brings out the tranquil simplicity of minimalism, executed with different materials to express premium quality and uniqueness.

Presently the project has sold over 70% of its units, even with the current competitiveness of the market for prime real estate in the Asoke-Sukhumvit area. Major Development finds that although the competition is aiming for the same target group, they still believe strongly in the potential and unique-selling-point of this project.

Suriya Poolvoralak, Ph.D., Managing Director of Major Development Public Company Limited and Aliwassa Pathnadabutr, Managing Director at CBRE Thailand.

“In my opinion, this year’s real estate market has slowed down due to the country’s continuous economic downturn from the year before and combined with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic from the beginning of the year, which we anticipate will continue to affect many businesses throughout the year, or even to next year. However, in the real estate business, we have set out a strict plan since the previous year, which focuses on selling all the current units remaining. The luxury market is not affected as much and is still bringing in stable sales, although not an extravagant amount. We believe that when the economy starts to pick up, the real estate market will follow suit. We still believe in the potential of great locations and major development projects, especially those properties in the prime area that already has scarce space to develop on,” concludes Dr. Suriya.

Aliwassa Pathnadabutr, Managing Director at CBRE Thailand, reveals,

“The pandemic of COVID-19 has affected both economics of the country and of the individual businesses, in which the real estate business was greatly affected during the 2nd trimester. Then when the lockdown had been relaxed and all businesses are able to open again, CBRE saw a more promising sign for the real estate market, especially with many of the developments starting to adapt by focusing on selling their remaining units, both the completed projects and those still under construction, in order to raise as much sale and liquidity as possible. This results in many promotional campaigns to attract buyers. Furthermore, the banks are giving the interest rate that is advantageous to the real estate buyers, especially for those looking to buy themselves a home.”