For those that desire a home that reflects a sense of culture, travel and curation, bohemian décor can be the perfect interior design direction. Bohemian styles offer a more casual and relaxed space, giving you the freedom to create an eclectic visual feast for the eyes.

Bohemian styles are the ideal choice for people looking to embrace styles and themes from many cultures and disciplines. When it comes to bohemian interior design, it’s no surprise that Moroccan décor is a popular choice.

Borrowing from amazing design elements from several different cultures across many centuries Moroccan living rooms are exciting, effervescent and even a touch mystical!
Filled with bright, magnetic colors, intricate geometric patterns, plush rugs, lantern-style lights and plush ottomans, the Moroccan style inspires you to embrace the bold and the extravagant.


Colour is an incredibly important element of Moroccan design. More contemporary designs focus on neutral colours inspired by North African landscapes such as sand, taupe, beige, and shades of white. Bold, vibrant colours are used in more traditional interpretations with colours such as fuchsia, purple, vibrant red, and royal blue. The bolder colours create an exotic sense of drama.


Patterns are a strong feature of Moroccan style. Most commonly, geometric and repetitive patterns are used in various colors. Patterns are a feature of floors, accessories, textiles, and even furniture.


Textiles are used in every room of Moroccan style home. You will see the use of textiles in wall hangings, bedding, some furniture, throws, and rugs. Textiles add color, depth, texture, and pattern to any room. You can also use textiles to create interesting focal points.


Moroccan style is all about diversity and unique pieces with quirks. The Moroccan bohemian style embraces more unconventional furniture in favour of unique and quirky pieces. Moroccan interior design often combines delicate hand-carved furniture pieces with luxurious plump upholstery. Tables are intricately hand-carved with inlaid tile or metalwork designs whilst plush cushions, sofas, pouffes and ottomans create a relaxed sense of causal lounge comfort.


Layers are essential when creating a Moroccan inspired interior. Typical accessories include wooden bowls, terracotta pots, ornate mirrors, wrought iron ornaments, hand-painted ceramics, and stained-glass vases.