2022 is knocking at the door, and we cannot keep calm. Like every other year, it is time to set some New Year’s resolutions for a better year ahead. Although rubbing off the COVID-19 pandemic blues and creating your travel bucket list has become the new way to go, other commitments toward a healthier lifestyle, community service and much more are also taking precedence.

Here are some easy New Year’s resolutions that are simple to keep and commit to for the upcoming year:

Grow Something

So, you don’t have a green thumb. Although gardening can be intimidating to some, start small. Try your hand at growing indoor house plants, air plants (you practically do nothing!), or even container vegetable garden.

Learn a new skill or find a new hobby

Many of us start the new year by bringing in a big change into our lives through New Year’s resolutions, and what can be better than learning a new skill? From baking to playing an instrument and learning crochet, the list can have a variety of skill sets.

Invest your free time in learning something new and see yourself doing some amazing things which you probably never thought you could.

Take More Road Trips

You know all those places that have been on your travel bucket list? Make 2022 the year to mark one off the list!

Stay in Touch

If there’s one thing the past couple of years has proven, it’s that there’s no excuse for not staying in touch with those we love. With so many ways to connect—from texts and phonecalls to email and virtual celebrations—there are endless ways to stay in touch from afar.

Eating healthy

Eating right is perhaps the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. However, we have made New Year’s resolutions of adopting healthy eating habits numerous times only to give up sooner. But there is a way to keep going with the resolution.

You can do so by making minor changes to your diet. Adding leafy vegetables to your meals will double fibre intake, improve digestion, lose weight and keep many ailments at bay. Cutting down on junk, consuming plant-based foods and seasonal fruits will be helpful too.