For years, depending on which way you turn in Pattaya, you could be hanging out in a 5-star ultra-glam location or stuck next to a cheap Charlie balloon/skirt chasing monger, however, Pattaya is changing, and changing for the better, as the cool crowd from Bangkok among others and locals are discovering the beauty of Na Jomtien and its surroundings.

With celestial sunsets, scintillating beaches where days melt seamlessly into heady nights – it’s no wonder this is the place to be.

The Cave Beach Club

If you’re dreaming of long, lost afternoons this beach club is for you.

Just a short drive down the path from the Sukhumvit and next door to its sister venue The Glasshouse, The Cave Beach Club’s emphasis lies on a rustic, easygoing aesthetic that blends with the surrounding environment.

The Cave Beach Club exudes creativity but, in a total, effortless manner, it enchants with endless sparks of inspiration from the sea and craft beyond…

Rustic, boho shabby-chic that is more feet-in-the-sand than strutting around on the dance floor.

Thatched-roof, fringed straw, bamboo, and bean bags might look effortless, but a whole lot of baht has been sunk into this hot-spot.

The windswept and wilder shores of the area are also paid homage to in the design with surfboards being cleverly used, suspended in the air creating somewhat of an open-air ceiling.

Tee Pees and large umbrellas are used throughout, hiding the sun’s glare but keep that open beachfront appeal with long low tables and bean bags spread through staggered floor levels towards the beach.

There is also high leveled air-con dining and a huge bar to hug that is adorned with bamboo, cool artifacts, and an area with suspended swing seats and hammocks.

The Cave Beach Club although next door is blissfully removed from the more obvious Glasshouse and its natural beauty is giddy-making.

The mood at Cave is decidedly unpretentious with an emphasis that lies on a rustic, easygoing aesthetic that blends with the surrounding environment, having said that it’s also full of beautiful people, this is where the cool kids go, so be prepared to rub shoulders with supermodels, TV personalities and fashionistas.


The food menu, for now, is identical to the Glasshouse, however, the drink menu does offer some signature Cave variety’s, so why not direct your dinner plans toward a laidback, sumptuous feast overlooking the sea.