SC Asset Corporation Plc (SC), one of Thailand’s leading property developers, recorded healthy financial results and high sales in 2020 despite the Covid-19 situation in Thailand.

SC’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Nuttaphong Kunakornwong says: “The company has won success with record-high pre-sales despite challenges presented by the outbreak. SC achieved 16.602 billion baht in presales, of which 14.757 billion baht came from horizontal residential projects, marking a 37 per cent increase year on year. As a result, the company is Thailand’s No. 1 developer of single-detached houses priced at more than 10 million baht per unit, with pre-sales of these units coming in at 26 per cent of the total market value.”

The company also announced its business direction for 2021-2022, with three key strategies to make SC’s fully-loaded the No. 1 brand for single-detached houses.

The three-pronged strategy is as follows:

The company has earmarked 25 billion baht to acquire 30 plots during 2021-2022 to build horizontal residential projects covering its market segments in Bangkok and its suburbs.
SC has healthy liquidity both in terms of cash and a credit line with banks worth more than 10 billion baht. The company also has a strong debt-to-equity ratio at 1.38:1 as of the end of 2020, which is lower than its D/E of 1.58:1 in 2019.

In line with SC’s brand philosophy, “For Good Mornings”, the company has a policy of developing residential projects with a special focus on three main categories, namely Design, Technology and Living Solutions to serve all customers, especially under the “new normal”.

Design For Good Morning under the concept of Homes For All

The company is now basing the design and development of its new residential projects in line with the new normal, especially since people are having to work from home due to the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent restrictions.

The developer will introduce its latest designs under the concept, “One Size Doesn’t Fit All”, in which two types of homes will be created: Baan Khon Sod or residences for single occupants, and Baan SoU-21 for young families. These homes will be introduced at Avenue Rama 9 soon.

Technology for Good Mornings
SC has adopted futuristic technology on three fronts:

•Brain of the residence: The SC team has created a digital panel run using an operating system called “Ruejai OS”, which allows the resident to control all electrical appliances remotely.
•Pulse of the residence: The SC team has also created a system that allows residents to control utilities such as water and electricity as well as air quality through the use of sensors, iOT and AI technology.
•Artificial Intelligence: The SC team has joined up with Vulcan Coalition Co Ltd and visually impaired persons to develop Speech AI-NLP (Natural Language Processing) and an AI Home System that allows the visually impaired to operate home appliances through voice commands. This is the first time this technology is being used in Thailand.

Living solutions For Good Mornings

Following its success as a leading living-solutions provider, SC now offers homeowners a chance to become Ruejai Club members, under which their homes will be provided with regular check-ups and maintenance.
This service is provided by its property management firm, SC Able, which currently manages 28 projects – both horizontal and vertical – nationwide.

In line with its ambitious business strategy, Mr. Nuttaphong said SC A is now targeting 20 billion baht in pre-sales and total revenue of 19 billion baht in 2021. This will come from its 69 residential projects worth a combined 57.5 billion baht.

Of the 69 projects, 11 will be launched this year worth a total of 17 billion baht, comprising eight horizontal residential projects worth 9 billion baht in total and three vertical projects worth 8 billion baht.

“With SC’s fully-loaded format, we can ensure every customer has a ‘good morning’ and that we will be the No. 1 brand for single-detached houses in every homebuyer’s mind,” he said.