THE GLORY PATTAYA is about to amaze the whole city in October!

The rarer something is the more its worth.

This is an eternal law in the collection industry and the very same is true in the real estate industry.

The scarcer the resources are, the more worthy they are to be invested and collected.

Choosing an impeccable location, a magnificent landscape, and the perfect supporting facilities brings the elite and this is how we introduce The Glory Pattaya a standout project unparalleled to any other.

Taihe Global using its vast experience and knowledge has seized recent opportunities within the overseas market, and keeping abreast of current climates has focused on the future with a professional service attitude placing customers’ needs as a priority.

Staying true to their core and brand Taihe Global is helping their customers realize their dreams and with constant innovation and awareness, Taihe Global has focused on overseas investment, always striving to be the best real estate investment as well as an operational service provider.

Since its establishment, Taihe Global has become a comprehensive service provider engaging in overseas real estate investment, development, sales, and operation.

It has cooperated with powerful developers to create super five-star quality hotel apartments and won wide recognition in the market with its excellent strength.

Now embarking on Pattaya to create a new legacy here is no surprise to those who know Taihe Global as the perfect fit and investment for high net worth customers.

As a real estate developer and in order to demonstrate its determination and strength to cultivate deeply in Pattaya, Thailand, Taihe · Global has successively obtained many high-quality land resources from Pratumnak Hill, Jomtien Beach, Na Jomtien Beach, and Bangsaray Beach.

New ideas, upgraded buildings and concepts the complete investment package, leaving an indelible mark for the overseas real estate industry!

THE GLORY PATTAYA an extraordinary and masterpiece to open soon!

Gorgeous, Glamorous, Perfection are all words you could use to describe the Glory Pattaya and ultimately Quality.

THE GLORY PATTAYA is truly set to stun and amaze many and will be a true showcase of Taihe Global and its coming very soon!

Living nearby the ocean as well as the city and having a mountainous backdrop in true royal splendor is how you will feel at The Glory Pattaya.

Situated in Pratumnak Hill, adjacent to Pattaya downtown and close to Jomtien District, The Glory enjoys a unique geographical location that caters for all and is home to royals and aristocrats alike.

Crystal clear waters a beautifully blue seascape, golden sands and coastline in abundance are what lies in store for those lucky enough to call The Glory their home. An exile lifestyle.

Streamlined design, every detail is taken into account, tall, elegant, bright, brilliant, noble and extraordinary! Creative brilliance with new architectural forms all inspired by a grand private residence… The Glory sits in perfect harmony with its royal neighbors.

A large swimming pool and stunning views all add to the aristocratic feel with modern and luxurious designs and a fashionable living space beautiful landscaped green area and a mountainous backdrop… True Wealth and Glory.

Such times produce heroes.

When the sword is no longer a weapon to conquer the world, the possession of wealth and scarce resources will become the only criterion to measure the height of life.

If a living land can bring together status, wealth and glory, then only such land will be needed in life.

THE GLORY PATTAYA reflects your uninhibited ambitions and life with an irreplaceable position in a prosperous city.

Luxurious decoration and five-star hotel service operation! and 316 rooms and open in October!

Highly talked about throughout the city and with great expectations… coming soon!