Despite a rise in temperatures, tourists have continued to travel to Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai province to experience its cool weather.

Many tourists arrived at Doi Inthanon this past weekend, most hoping to see the sunrise through a sea of mist brought on by lower temperatures. A slight rise in temperature has, however, discontinued the freezing of morning dew, which was also an attraction for those on the mountaintop.

Kanchanaburi province’s Sangkhlaburi district meanwhile, has attracted its own visitors, arriving to witness the local Mon and Karen villages. Hotels and homestays in the district are booked out until New Year as temperatures have recently been a bracing 16-19 degrees Celsius. Tourists to the ethnic villages have particularly enjoyed donning their traditional garb and taking photos to record their visit.

In Sangkom district of Nong Khai province, travelers have been able to enjoy both morning mist and the area’s verdant greenery. The district’s most prized destination is an island in the Mekong River that is often surrounded by fog in the early morning.

Jae Hom district in Lampang province has also attracted visitors with its morning mist viewpoint on Doi Fah Ngam , which can only be accessed by a two kilometer hike.