As 2017 drew to an end, 9th December was a great way to finish off for The Riviera Group as they held their ‘Thank You” party for buyers, agents and affiliated parties.

Overall feedback was that The Riviera Wongamat had indeed delivered on its promises.

Winston Gale, his wife Sukanya, and the rest of their team had indeed delivered a new benchmark of condominium standards by which Pattaya could be judged.

One agent recently even went as far to say that whenever you need to impress a new customer with a finished project, you take them to The Riviera Wongamat immediately, nowhere else.

This then nicely brings us on to their new focus now, The Riviera Jomtien.



An enormous project, touted by many in the property industry as Jomtien’s next landmark.

The location itself is excellent, dominating over 300 meters in length, within walking distance to the beach on 2nd road that has become so busy, you could wonder how we managed to survive without it five years ago.

Expectations then are that not only will this project be a new landmark given its commanding size, expected design and location, it should yet again ‘Wow’ the property market providing yet another project Pattaya can be proud of.






With several ‘big’  Bangkok names coming, then not coming, maybe restarting, but when, with no one seeming to know, it seems another high-rise high profile project of significance completing in Pattaya could yet again be what the local market needs to add back more confidence to a market that’s taken some hammering in recent times. The Riviera Jomtien should do just this job perfectly.

Speaking to Winston last week, he said

“I’m pleased to report that we have concluded the Bank Finance for The Riviera Jomtien. This provides the finance for us to complete the project at this later stage in construction. I have been working with SCB now since 2011 since The Palm so it is great we have an ongoing trusted relationship with them.”

Trust and confidence indeed, this loan is for 1,050,000,000 THB ($33.6m) and according to Winston is their 3rd Loan to him making a grand total of almost 3 Billion THB from 2011 to 2018.



I can’t say I remember a Pattaya based developer ever having a nationwide bank support a single developer to that kind of number over the years, so certainly this supports the theory I have had for sometime now that The Riviera Group would rise to the top in Pattaya, if they managed to deliver. So far, my predictions seem to have been correct.

As for the construction of The Riviera Jomtien, Winston said

“The build here has been really challenging, it’s a really complex building, but the end result will look outstanding.

We will be providing the same level of drama we provided in Wongamat, only the architecture will be more dramatic at the Jomtien building due to its vast sky gardens and general
shape that will add an extra uniqueness to the whole impression.”

Then that brings me on to The Riviera Group’s latest high-rise project ‘The Riviera Monaco’, but readers have to wait until next month to hear about this exciting new project!