The speed Pattaya keeps on changing is amazing; just spend only a few years here and you can see it changing shape in front of your eyes.

The drama of Terminal 21’s arrival in North Pattaya is yet again one of those bigger contributions to our developing city you should notice and be pleased for.

In the exact same way, THE RIVIERA JOMTIEN, located right in the middle of Jomtien’s 2nd is coming to a finish now and has the same level of significance and importance for Jomtien that Terminal 21 has for North Pattaya. Sure, ones a huge exciting Shopping Centre with the other being residential property, but still it comes in a significant size and is exciting at the same time.

A simple drive pass will open your eyes to why it will soon become regarded as a central point of reference, a place of significance and ultimately the leading Architectural bench mark in the Jomtien area.

Winston Gale, (owner of The Riviera Group) talked about it becoming the Landmark in Jomtien due to its location, vast size and wide positioning on the 2nd road, when discussing the project together with him almost 5 years ago. Today, I can see this vision was right. The design would fit well in Las Vegas; it’s modern, architecturally unique and impressive looking.

Winston and Sukanya Gale owners of The Riviera Group.

Over 30 sky gardens overlook 2nd Road and when illuminated for evenings, look stunning. In fact, it does make you find yourself wanting to stop your car to take photos.

Then there are those huge dominating words ‘The Riviera’ running down the building that announces its arrived and quite frankly has decided to dominate the area like no other. It is quite an incredible site to drive past, most definitely unlike anything else in Jomtien.

As contributions go to Pattaya, or more specifically Jomtien, this project should be celebrated. According to Winston, unit inspections will start next month for those lucky buyers who will claim (or boast) this project as their home or investment. Units are said to still be available in foreign quota.

We will cover the project fully in the summer when Winston invites us back and we can then get a more in-depth look into the project itself, especially those sky pools you can see when looking up (on the 37th and 42nd floors) wrapped in the ever glowing orange wrap around lighting that’s now becoming synonymous with a Riviera project.

Until then, lets celebrate Viva Las Vegas, as The Riviera Jomtien is just about here.