Taihe Global is making big waves in Pattaya and Thailand. Careful, thoughtful and strategic planning has accelerated their development within the city and their quality surely bears well for their longevity and future.

With a clear vision and understanding of urban dwellings and investment, Taihe Global is moving forward as visionaries with pace, opening up a new future for Pattaya.

Established in 2017, Taihe Global has seized the opportunity from the overseas market, kept abreast of the development needs of the times and became a comprehensive professional overseas operation service provider engaging in overseas real estate development, investment and property with a professional service attitude.

Taihe Global has invested in Jomtien Amber Garden as well as the high-quality · The Glory · Diamond Coast and other projects that they are ready to develop.

Alongside this, they have also owned many high-quality land resources and plots in Pratumnak Hill, Jomtien Beach, Na Jomtien Beach and Bang Saray Beach with a far-sighted strategic vision.

At present, Taihe Global is cooperating with Amigo Holidays Co., Ltd. under the Far Eastern Group, Beijing Urban Construction Group, Plateno Group, and other brand property management companies to build Jomtien Amber Garden in Jomtien Beach, an area favored by overseas investors.

Frank Xu, CEO of Taihe Global, said that they are committed to ensuring the success from Phase I and II of the Number One Jomtien Pattaya and Jomtien Amber Garden, trust and recognition of our investors is important and we will not let down the opportunities given to us by these times. We will continue to build with passion creating and nurturing the concept of the ideal home life.

Adhering to the development concept of “interconnection”, “integration” and “win-win”, Taihe Global is committed to developing overseas real estate and providing every customer with the most professional and comprehensive overseas real estate investment, property/home creating a one-stop VIP service.

Our customers are the core and we strive to provide overseas real estate projects with only the highest quality and importantly large value-added space thus meeting the needs of every high net worth customer and the property demand.

Headquartered in Beijing, Taihe Global has set up its overseas branches with a professional and authoritative international lawyers’ team, overseas property consultancy team as well as an elite customer service reception team both at home and abroad.

After years of asset allocation and rich real estate operation experience, Taihe Global has become an excellent one-stop overseas investment operation service provider in China.

Currently, their elite sales management team consists of 70 members in China with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen and here in Thailand, they have a local team of 25 members and more than 1,000 channel distributors, enjoying a powerful elite sales network.

Believing in the future of Pattaya with land investment and city growth and being the hottest investment in Thailand along with Pattaya’s connection to Bangkok, Taihe believes prices will only increase and due to commerce and their model of development and sales, the futures bright.

Jomtien Amber Garden will showcase the company’s passion for the pursuit of excellence and will be an accumulation of both the team and investors hard work, integrity and overall quality from planning to completion of the project.