I’ve always professed to not be a TV Addict, in fact, quite the opposite. Football was my mainstay and if there wasn’t a game on the box the remote became redundant, however, that was PRE-NETFLIX and PRE-COVID.

They say ‘Binge-Watching’ is the new addictive drug of the day, and they, whoever they are, have it nailed on. Not only is it addictive, it plays with your emotions, know that feeling of emptiness when the episodes run out and the long wait before the next season. Or if it’s an older show, that’s it, the end! A quiet moment of sadness is then replaced with an avid search for your next streaming fix.

Thai Shows & Movies

Although I’m now a self-confessed Netflix Addict, it hasn’t been all a loss as I have a newfound fondness’ for Thai shows and movies. Like many others, my uneducated opinion of Thai TV/Movies was one of low-budget, slapstick nonsense with recurring ghost themes and endless sound effects, and although that does exist, by only focusing on those negatives, you’re missing out on so much.

I’ve found it educational, eye-opening, fun, and overall an enriching experience so here are a few shows and movies from Thailand that deserve a place on your Netflix binge-list.

Udom “Note” Taepanich DEAW# Stand Up Comedy Show

‘Note is one of Thailand’s most iconic comedians and has been in the business since 1995 and is credited with popularizing stand-up comedy in Thailand. His stand-up comedy series “Deaw is now into its 12 series of sold-out shows with many high-profile figures regularly attending. He is famous for his observational satirical humor, stage presentation, as well as light political satire; the punchlines also serve as an informal archive of what it was like to live through 90s Thailand.


Happy Old Year

A young designer (Jean) has recently returned from studying in minimalist-paradise Sweden and plans to dump all useless objects from her maximalist Bangkok house, however, during the declutter she begins to discover some of her ex-boyfriend’s possessions were left in the house, taking her for a walk over memory lane.

Low Season

When her ability to see ghosts ruins her love life, a heartbroken girl (Lin) seeks solace at a mountain resort, encountering several fellow lonely singletons. Lin meets Pud, a writer in search of inspiration for his ghost movie.

Together, given their adventures and mishaps, they fall in love.

Other Thai movies well-worth a viewing:
Bangkok Traffic
I’m Fine Thank You, Love You
Heart Attack
Bikeman 1 & 2
Bad Genius
The Billionaire
Brother of the Year
Friend Zone
Teachers Diary
My Girl

Brother of the Year.
I’m Fine Thank You, Love You.
Friend Zone.
Bangkok Traffic.


In Family, We Trust

This thriller-drama follows a wealthy and complicated Thai-Chinese family (Jir-anans) that operates its own hotels in Bangkok and Pattaya and explores the dynamics of Chinese culture that tends to favour sons over daughters.

With family members struggling with their personal problems and conflicts things take a dark turn when the head of the family gets mysteriously murdered.

Love Destiny

In showing how Siam fended off colonialism, Love Destiny gives a crash course in history offering a rare and brilliant pop-culture insight into one of Thailand’s more celebrated historical eras through the veil of drama and humor.

The show’s heroine is a 21st-century archaeologist who, following a fatal car crash, is reincarnated in the body of Karaket, a noblewoman living in the 15th century Ayutthaya. You follow Kraraket’s struggles to adjust and rework a bad reputation from previous behaviors and of course, cheer on her love story

The way history is woven into this story gives it real charm and keeps you spellbound.

More Thai series to get addicted to:
The Crown Princess
Krong Kam
Stupid Cupid

The Crown Princess.
Krong Kam.
Stupid Cupid.

By Paul Johnson