If you’re in the market for a new hair salon, whether you want a style overhaul, a quick trim, the latest colour technique or hair and product advice, Beauty Maker Studio Pattaya is the one-stop-shop for all of your hair needs.

Located at the very accessible ‘Little Walk’ community on Sukhumvit Road Pattaya and celebrating its first-year anniversary, Beauty Maker Studio Pattaya is certainly making a name for itself as is quickly being recognized as the go-to salon in the city, a super-chic, warm, ‘welcoming and relaxing salon where there’s no pretentious vibe’.

We asked Beauty Maker Studio Pattaya Owner and Hair Expert Nena Sutasinee about hair’s hottest trend Brazilian Keratin.

Keratin hair treatments are a woman’s best friend.

Also known as a Brazilian Blowout, the smoothing, de-frizzing, straightening treatment is unsurprisingly a huge crowd favourite here in Humidity City. Every sleek-maned celebrity or photogenic Insta-influencer is living proof that these keratin treatments are all the rage.

If you want to quit your flatiron and experiment long term with a straighter look on your natural waves or curls, a keratin treatment is a good place to start. Often referred to as a “Brazilian Blowout,” (it’s just the name of a brand that popularized the treatment), the service “definitely changes the texture of the hair, and is mostly used to get rid of frizzy hair or make curly hair straight, or both.

Not really sure what they are?

The treatment is basically like coating your hair with armour against heat and humidity. Frizz is caused by heat opening up tiny holes in your hair cuticle which lets in the moisture and raises your hair. Keratin treatments work by sealing and locking down the cuticle with a layer of protein, leaving your hair absolutely sleek, smooth, and luscious for several months.

How Long Does the Brazilian Blowout Take?

“Overall, the process takes an hour to an hour and a half,” Nena says. “The longest I’ve ever spent doing a Brazilian Blowout was around two hours, so it all depends on how much hair you have and how thick it is.” Your stylist will begin by shampooing your hair three or four times to remove all the product and create a base for the treatment to adhere. Working section by section, the Brazilian Blowout formula will be applied from root to tip, then blow-dried smooth. A flat iron heated to 450 degrees will seal it in, then it’s back to the shampoo bowl to rinse out the treatment, followed by a deep conditioning mask. Finally, your hair will once again be blow-dried smooth.

How Long Does the Brazilian Blowout Last?

Provided that you don’t use shampoos that contain sulfates and chlorine, your treatment should last anywhere from three to four months — possibly longer if you don’t need to wash your hair as regularly as some.

With any chemical service, straightening, curling, colouring, no matter the hair length THB 2,900 and receive a complimentary Fiberplex product!

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