Finally, Wine Connection is here!

It seemed like it was never going to happen.

As an expat residing in Pattaya I’m sure like many, one has been asking questions like… male-female? will it rain today? ahh and
why don’t we have a Wine Connection in Pattaya?

Well, we now have the answer, at least to the latter.

December 6 heralded the opening of Pattaya’s first Wine Connection at the front of Royal Garden Plaza on Pattaya’s Beach Road.

Wine Connection has been an expert in importing exclusive wines from around the world for many a year and now it is a leading wine retail chain in Southeast Asia. Not only is it a supplier to many hotels and restaurants with a large selection of more than 500 worldwide wine labels, it also does GREAT GRUB!

Pastas, pizzas, steaks and so much more – all at an affordable price in a fine dining environment.

Not much more to say other than GO and see/enjoy for yourself…

Signed off, One Happy EX PAT 😊