Obesity is no joke. Neither is being overweight. I’m not here to judge you; I struggled with weight, too, jumping from 86 Kilos to 69 !

The definition of obesity means that a person is grossly overweight to a level past what is healthy or even easy on your body.

That much weight is difficult to carry — stressing your joints with every step and adding stress on your heart and lungs with every movement.

Obesity raises your blood pressure, increases your blood sugar, causes chronic inflammation and is a primary contributor to diabetes, heart disease, stroke’s and metabolic disorder.

Weight Scale – Everyone I know, including myself, has a weight scale in their bathroom. They stand on it frequently to see what they weigh and that number seems to mark their place in the weight continuum and guides their eating habits.

Body Mass Index (BMI) – Muscle weighs more than fat and so the BMI scale is intrinsically flawed. What’s more, weight and BMI alone does not tell the whole health story.

Portion Control is the answer

It’s not the Junk Food, in fact, it is simply our lack of portion control; that is, the vast quantity of food we eat daily.

Start eating from smaller plates . And YES, sugar is a neurotoxin and fried foods are very bad for you, Instead, you must cut back on the overall quantity of food you consume daily and also make exercise a staple of your days.

For many people, losing weight is no easy task.

Emotions play a huge role in weight gain, especially as it relates to out-of-control food consumption and to lack of motivation to exercise.

Sure, “She’s a big girl, but she looks great in jeans” or “He’s got a beer gut, but he can bench press 200 pounds.” Thinking this way supports someone’s obesity and weight issue.

Your personal desire to be PC and non-judgmental in an effort to help someone feel “accepted” “loved” and “normal” makes you a co-dependent contributor toward their risk of early death.

You can show them support and love by accepting them for who they are as a person while supporting their health goals so they can lose weight and live a longer life.

And if you are overweight or obese, you can still love yourself and have high self-esteem while reducing the amount of food you consume and exercising more. These two simple things will actually make you feel better, raise your self-esteem, and go a long way toward increasing your current “at risk” lifespan.

Please think about the consequences to your life, and the lives of the loved ones around you, each time you load up a second helping at a meal or grab a snack in between. And if you want lose kilos : go to [email protected] and request a copy of Dr William’s Absolute Weight Loss Protocol 2019… It’s Spartanic but at least for free.!