The last couple of years have been difficult, many have felt stuck in a routine, needing a change and a bit of adventure. And a haircut is really exciting, going for a chop is freeing and brings so may style possibilities too.

Bobs are the world’s most popular hairstyle right now!

The bob is still the hottest haircut with so many many different ways can you wear it – Asymmetrical, wavy, straight, with a fringe, choppy, blunt, or shaggy — you get the idea.

The versatility of the bob, along with the fact that it can be tailored for every face shape and hair texture, is why it remains one of the most-requested cuts.

Plus, the bob will never go out of style, there’s always one version of the cut that comes to define the season. 

A perfect example of this is the ultra-blunt cut which is perfect for anyone with thick hair because it takes extra weight out and adds movement.

Here are some takes on the bob to inspire your own cut and take to the salon as your inspiration.

1 Classic Bob
This style is one length all around the head, and is typically chin length. There are no layers, so can be blunt cut or point cut if you want it to be softer.
2 Square Bob
A square shape with a square, strong fringe, it was popular in the 80s and is making a comeback. It is typically jaw length.
3 Inverted Bob
This type of bob is shorter at the back and longer through the front. It features a tapered back with lots of layers for a curved finish.
4 Graduated Bob
Graduated bobs are one of the more common types of bobs. Stacked layers through the back give the style a curved finish, getting longer towards the front.


Paul Johnson Hair Stylist