Nowadays it is quite common to see the term “no task too big or too small” used by companies in promoting their products.

One company that could make the claim with considerable justification (but we don’t think they do) is Kärcher, the Germany-based firm known for its high-pressure cleaners, floor care equipment and window vacuum cleaners – among many other things.

So just how big is big? Well among the tasks the company have taken on in the past under its cultural sponsorship programme are the cleaning up of the …

•  Four US Presidents’ faces at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota (2005);
• Statue of Liberty for its Centennial celebrations (1985);
• The London Eye wheel in the English capital (2013);
• Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate (1990).
• Space Needle in Seattle (2008);
• Colossi of Memnon in Luxor (2003);
• Colonnades on St Peter’s Square in Rome (1998); and
• Statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro (1980).

Pretty big, huh? All iconic landmarks now looking a whole lot better.

More up to date the company was the official cleaning equipment supplier to the Rio Olympics.

We say Kärcher is German-based but it claims to be the world market leader in cleaning technology, employing more than 10,000 people worldwide. A couple of years back the company posted sales revenues of €2.12bn (US$2.84 bn) and sold 12.72 million machines. Kärcher has 100 subsidiaries in 60 countries and among them, of course, is Thailand.

The company is now represented here in Pattaya http://www.cleaning-place.com.

“Cleaning Place company performs cleaning of any type of premises in Thailand. We use modern professional equipment (by Kärcher). The quality and the timing are our main priorities. We are attentive and courteous with our customers at all times and always ready to fulfil your wishes.”

“All works are performed using professional equipment and cleaning agents. When applying for services at Cleaning Place, you get an integrated approach and as a result – clean and totally new premises, ready for comfortable living, successful renting out or sale.”




Were you aware that in countries such as Germany, the UK, France, Mexico, and the USA the word Kärcher is now colloquially used as being synonymous with a cleaning system using high-pressure water, used to clean cars, outdoor equipment and the like? It’s a bit like Jacuzzi being an accepted term for a spa bath, even though the Jacuzzi company might not be the actual makers of the device.

Also there is now a verb “to Kärcher” or to “Kärcherise”! The company can “thank” French politician Nicolas Sarkozy for it. Sarkozy once declared that an area outside Paris would be “cleaned out with a Kärcher” (nettoyer la cité au Kärcher) — meaning all criminals and other undesirables should be removed and washed out. Not quite the use that Kärcher machines are intended for, but everyone knew what he meant.

So if you have a cleaning job that required some real “muscle” to get it done it sounds like you ought to think about using a Kärcher machine for the task.

We mention some very big uses at the start of this article but the company really does have products that address most day-to-day needs.

If you want to know more about what Kärcher’s products can do for you we suggest you give them a call on

086 407 4260.