Based on our office and some of the other agents I speak with regularly inquiries are abound and quite a lot of sales and rentals are getting done. Many of our new clients have recently just repatriated after spending a couple of weeks in quarantine and are raring to go either buying or renting a place.

Having said this, it’s certainly still a buyer’s market and it’s more important than ever to make sure your property stands above the rest. This month I thought I’d touch on some important tips to sellers for getting your properties ready to sell and make your property stand out above the rest.

Getting rid of your ‘stuff’ isn’t an easy task. And for most people living their lives in their homes, it isn’t something most of us think about – It’s only when you move house that you realise how much stuff you have. The first step in preparing your house for sale should be to go through each room and remove everything you don’t need. Not only will this help make your property look neater it’ll help you get ready for your move

It’s amazing how much a paint job can improve the look of your property both in your eyes and also for potential buyers. Depending on your budget, you should start off by at least marking down which walls have cracks and major scuffs that require attention and then any other walls you think could do with a freshen up. This is also a good chance to paint any feature walls a more neutral colour. That big red wall in your living room? Get rid of it.

But to be honest, it’s cheap enough in Thailand to have your whole property painted. No matter the cost, generally it’s relative enough to the value of your property to have it worth getting done. A brand-new paint job throughout makes a property look much cleaner, newer, and in most people’s eyes, more valuable. Baht for baht, this is probably the most solid investment you can make to your property that will actually see you achieve a higher sales price.

Clean & Fresh
Before any potential buyers come through your property, you will need to give your property a good clean from top to bottom. Keep an eye out for dirty vents, smelly bathroom drains, cobwebs, and anything else that could make potential buyers think the property wasn’t well maintained.

Another big one here is the smell. The old trick in open-houses used to be baking an apple pie before opening the house up. Great idea. Making your home smell attractive without going over the top with Glade bathroom spray is a must.

Opening the place up to air for a couple of hours is a good idea. Just leave the windows open and fans going and get rid of any lingering smells or mustiness is paramount. Also turning on your air-cons is another big one…just enough to place the place comfortable. You want people to spend as long as possible looking around, and if it’s hot and stuffy they’ll be edging their way out the door.

Repair & Replace
Major works are usually best left to professionals, but there are many small things you can do around your property that will greatly improve its appearance, and much like painting, are worth a lot more to the resale value of a property and how much better the place ‘shows’. Here a few of the things I come across that are a nice easy property fix that you can do yourself (well, most of us):

• Change plug and light-switch covers
• Change all light-bulbs
• Replace door handles
• Tidy up caulking around windows and door
• Put some fresh grouting between tiles
• Tidy up and repair skirting boards
• Repair or replace squeaking door hinges
• Fill cracked tiles
• Straighten up any tilting appliances or air-con units

Outdoor Care
Obviously, this is only applicable if you have a house rather than a condo, but the outdoor area of your house is the first impression people have when they walk through your gate. I’ve seen so many properties over the years where the interior is beautifully kept but the perimeter wall is screaming out for a fresh coat of paint or the garden has been left to overgrow. Also planting or hanging some fresh flowers or plants can add some serious curb appeal.

Try and Stay Neutral
As I touched on before, bold colours or décor aren’t to everyone’s taste. Try and keep it neutral without being too boring. Light greys and smokey whites are a good choice. They look contemporary and give a nice slight contrast to white ceilings and/or coving and floor trim. Putting a splash of colour with a nice painting again adds a nice contrast. If your kids had their rooms painted purple or covered in Elmo wallpaper, seriously get rid of it. People with kids of their own may get it, but it’s quite off-putting to most potential buyers as they know it’s a job that’s being left for them.

Evaluate Each Room
Focus on each room making it look its very best and as spacious as possible. To leave a lasting impression with people, you want every room to leave a mark. Adding a few plants here and there or a nice piece of wall art is a good idea. Also aim to leave a lot of open space and remove any unnecessary furniture.

Keep your private things private
I could go on with a fairly extensive list of the types of ‘personal items’ I’ve seen left outlet your imagination go wild. Needless to say, keep anything personal and private safely out of sight.


By Stu Sutton

Stu Sutton is managing director of Jomtien Property and has worked exclusively in the Pattaya/Jomtien real estate market for 16 years. Please feel free to contact him with any queries, compliments, or good jokes at 086 108 6575, [email protected] or visit Jomtien Property’s website at www.jomtien-property.com