Businesses of all sizes and types are turning to co-working spaces for their ideal office environment.

Co-working spaces can save business money and improve office productivity.

Co-working is more than the latest business buzzword. Companies of all sizes around the world are using co-working spaces as a modern and effective alternative to renting traditional office space, and WeWork—the world’s leading co-working and space-as-a-service platform—is leading the way in Thailand with professional co-working spaces in the heart of Bangkok.

WeWork’s co-working space at T-One Building, Bangkok.

WeWork’s co-working space at T-One Building, Bangkok

Spaces such as those provided by WeWork are popular with dedicated business professionals across a wide range of sectors such as professional services, technology, food and beverage, financial services, etc. If you think they are just for new businesses or startups you’d be wrong. Today, two-thirds of the Global Fortune 50 have memberships with WeWork.

“Organizations large and small increasingly seek cost-efficient, flexible and scalable workplace solutions and an environment that promotes productivity and employee engagement. For startups, they offer a cost-effective entry to a professional workspace, and for larger companies, they offer flexible office spaces that are easily scalable to a company’s needs. In our Thailand spaces, we have members from small startups to businesses with using our spaces,” said Turochas “T” Fuad, Managing Director, WeWork, Southeast Asia and Korea.

Why do companies, therefore, choose co-working spaces over traditional office spaces, and why should you consider them for your next business venture?

Here are four key reasons to consider.


Can your business afford to pay, in some cases, the equivalent of three- or four-months rental to secure your own office before you move in, and that’s without any refurbishing costs?

Do you want to be tied to an inflexible and long contract?

In almost all cases the answer to these questions will be no. Co-working spaces provide a cost-effective and convenient turn-key solution for any business to quickly and easily establish an office, but without being restricted to any onerous contracts or hefty costs.

Co-working spaces, such as those offered by WeWork, offer short-term memberships starting from just one month. That means you are free to invest in other areas of your business and enjoy an economic advantage.


Community is an integral part of co-working spaces at WeWork. They provide a stress-free opportunity to meet and possibly work with other like-minded business professionals. The unique environment often leads to new business leads and collaborations. Community events also offer the opportunity to learn new business developments and skills. Co-working spaces, by their very nature, are considered to be more productive than working from home or in a “cubicle”, and the associated feelings of isolation.


Co-working spaces are, more often than not, located in prestigious locations with excellent travel links. This is also a key fundamental for WeWork as they build their presence in Thailand, ensuring business-friendly locations that marry convenience with vibrancy.

Being in a prime location can create a professional image for your business, and help to attract and retain both customers and employees Co-working spaces also offer a huge range of amenities, such as well-equipped kitchens, communal spaces, meeting rooms and dedicated training and conference rooms. These facilities can be cost-prohibitive and expensive for companies to create themselves in a traditional office space, as well as taking up valuable space that could be more efficiently used.


Co-working spaces offer flexibility with the space you need and when you need it. If you’re just starting out or are a freelancer, there are options such as hot desks or dedicated desks, and as the business grows you can scale-up efficiently and effectively without the stress and cost of moving buildings, office furniture and all that’s associated with an office move. WeWork’s co-working spaces in Bangkok also allow 24-hour access giving members the ultimate in flexible working hours.

“The continuing popularity of co-working spaces is testament to how they facilitate successful operations for businesses of all sizes. Beyond the space and its design, members value the facilities we offer at WeWork and the in-house events that we host which connects members organically. Members also place a high value on the new business opportunities that can be created as being part of the WeWork community,” said Turochas “T” Fuad.