The impressive and multi-award winning Riviera Monaco in Na Jomtien.

For The Riviera Group, last years success at the Prestigious Annual Asia Pacific Awards 2018 was a hard thing to firstly achieve, but even more so to beat. They picked up 15 awards and 3 highly acclaimed 5-Star awards.

This year they impressed again. Collecting 14 awards but this time with 6 being 5-star, they truly demonstrated that they hadn’t just arrived, but were a dominant force for Pattaya (and Thailand) to be proud of. In fact, at these awards, the best of the best were picking up awards from country’s like, Australia, Japan, India, China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia and so on.

As usual, Riviera Group owners Winston and Sukanya Gale were sharing the key photo moments and memories with team members demonstrating a key philosophy they have of team spirit, team work and supporting each other.

Speaking to Winston, he stated “ The Riviera Wongamat picked up an award, even though the project is finished, certain criteria’s judges look for made it an ideal choice for them. As for the other wards, we won in several categories for both The Riviera Monaco and The Riviera Jomtien. Both at different stages, but both fulfilling the criteria’s required. They are not easy to get (these awards) so for us to pick up multiple awards 2 years in a row now is something the team should be proud of.”

Deputy Mayor

Proud indeed and deservedly so, but further we at REm noticed in photos a senior signatory from Pattaya so we asked; “Sukanya decided to invite the Deputy Mayor Khun Banlue Kullavanijaya along to help us receive some of the awards. It was a way of trying to promote Pattaya in this prestigious Asia Pacific awards environment. He kindly agreed and gave us his time to which we were very grateful. It did start many conversations after the awards allowing us to explain more about how dynamic Pattaya (and Thailand) is with influential people from all over Asia Pacific.”

This month’s Front cover shows off The Riviera Monaco that is now at the 18th floor and growing fast. Inside the showroom, the beautiful glass and gold trophy cabinet seems to be struggling to cope with the new addition to its shelves of further awards. I’ve been saying several times over the last year that Monaco is a project to watch out for; obviously others around Internationally are of the same opinion.

Ocean Drive Begins Construction

Further good news came earlier this month for The Riviera Group with their newest project ‘Ocean Drive’. Winston Stated “We received EIA planning Permission a few weeks ago which is great because it is ideally around our original planned timeframe. We already have the Piling Company on site with full equipment and so we can now start construction.”

Well if Monaco is anything to refer to, at REM we will expect Ocean Drive to quickly come out the ground and start to show us its structural shape by the end of the year.

The Riviera Jomtien – Thank you Party Coming?

With Jomtien’s Landmark project coming to an end, we wondered of course if there would be another party to celebrate the opening like The Riviera Group did in Wongamat 18 months ago. “Yes we are planning something now,” Winston said. “We are looking at Saturday 20th July. We are still trying to confirm many details to make that date but for now, that is the plan.” Knowing their parties, that will be one for the diary for us.