Let’s Start Again, Shall We?

It’s the first month of 2021 and unfortunately, the coronavirus is far from behind us, in fact here in Thailand we are in the middle of our second ‘LOCKDOWN’. However, every action causes a reaction and to every problem there is a solution.

To help you feel more joyful or positive in these trying times, there are various things you can do, to keep your spirits high, from heading outside to talking to loved ones over the phone.

Here are just a few things that we think may help on a daily basis.

Start each day with a positive mindset

First thing in the morning, create a habit that releases happy hormones and sets you up in a positive mindset for the day. Whether you listen to one episode of a podcast or read one chapter in a book each morning, start small and go the distance.

Make plans

Stay connected to others – make plans for when we’ll have more freedom.

Exercise daily

Do whatever makes you move — it could be dancing, jumping on the spot, or going for a run with your favourite music playing through your earphones.

Keep a Journal

By journaling about what you believe in, why you believe it, how you feel, and what your goals are, you understand your relationships better.

Don’t be discouraged from only writing a few words, start small, remember it’s your journal, this will also give you the opportunity to reflect on many things that you miss in daily life.

Look for opportunities

Ask, how can I make this situation work to my advantage? Can I find something positive in it? What can I manage or overcome in this instance?