If there is one thing that we can all agree on in life, it’s that nothing beats the taste of a really good burger.

Juicy chargrilled meat, a soft homemade bun and your toppings of choice – you really can’t go wrong.

A good burger is a thing of beauty, fine beef, sticky cheese, tomatoes: both fresh and in ketchup, all ready to be loaded up with your heart’s content of bacon, relish, salad, pickles, chili … there are few things culinary that can be relied on to do their job as effectively.

The Big Bash Burger at Hotel Baraqueda Pattaya.

The BIG BASH BURGER at Hotel Baraquda Pattaya is a classic American-style burger that comes juicy at rare or medium-rare and topped with cheese and an egg all stuffed inside a house-made fluffy bun.

The chargrilled beef patty is perfectly seasoned with slices of unmelted cheddar, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, pickles an egg all served with French fries’ ketchup. Whole grain mustard and mayonnaise, a combo, that’s hard to beat.

Ok most western restaurants, especially in hotel’s, serve a burger and most taste great but THE BIG BASH BURGER takes some beating incredibly simple; but done really right absolutely mouthwateringly beautiful.

Meat: A madly juicy beef patty good fat content: paper towels at the ready.

Bun: Just the right amount of heft to contain the explosion of beef, grease, and cheese.

Toppings: “Ketchup”, whole grain mustard, white onions delivering a touch of retro. Cheese that seeps into every beefy crevice, an egg, lettuce, tomato, and the all-important pickle.

USP: It’s HUGE, I mean BIG BASH BIG’ and only THB 399!



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