The new Spurs ground will have many things about it that set it apart from the rest.

For a start it will be totally cashless. Yes, you’ve got it – no money will be taken at the turnstiles, in the shop or in the bars. Contactless credit cards will be the ‘currency’ of choice. Although Spurs will also accept payments off smartphones, stadium access cards, stadium pre-paid cards or gift cards.

Can you see this working in Thailand?

This cashless aspect should lead to tighter controls over the finances and, we hope, quicker food and beverage service with no need to give change or apologies from the fans for “only having a note”.

One of the biggest bugbears of watching football is the time it takes to latch onto F&B at a ground within the 15-minute halftime break. Currently, it means folk either leave their seats with a few minutes to go to get to the head of the queue which screws up the view of those wanting to see the whole 45 minutes. Or, alternatively, they get back to their seat late, messing the view up for those who were content not to seek sustenance or a visit to the loo and stayed in their seat.

We hope more grounds bid to follow this money-less lead.

The ground will have the longest bar in Europe. If we tell you it is going to be called the Goal Line bar that may give a clue to its length. It’s 65 metres long and will run the entire length of the goal line in the South Stand.

The club shop, the Tottenham Experience, will be the largest retail space within any ground in Europe. Included will be a 100-seat auditorium, which will host pre- and post-match “shows”.

There is little doubt that the ground will be something special, even though it is six months late in opening. But we’re sure that will soon be forgotten.

So, Spurs will have what we would describe as a trophy-ground. Now all they need is some silverware to go with it.

By Dave Buckley