When the developers Bravo Thai started their first project in Pattaya a real estate broker went on record to question the wisdom of building “a village in a jungle”.

A magnificent nine years on doubters have been proven wrong and The Vineyard has been and is one of the most successful villa developments on the Eastern Seaboard.



I was always confident our first development – The Vineyard – would work out well” said a spokesperson for Bravo Thai.

One thing the partners at Bravo Thai were clear about … their villas had to be top quality; the kind of properties they would be happy to live in themselves.




The ‘jungle’ they started in was a side road off Lake Mabprachan to route 36.

“A while further down the line the broker who made the ‘jungle’ remark said that he was happy to retract his statement and congratulated The Vineyard on their success which was nice of him.”

And what a success story it has been.

Today Bravo Thai have just one remaining plot (off plan) at Vineyards III La Residence development and one ready to move into so this maybe your last chance to live at The Vineyard.






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