“Flexibility and quality are the key drivers in latest homes projects.”

A team of young developers are bidding to breathe new life into the local property market with Villa Asiatic, a 12 Town Home, 66 villa village just a kilometer away from Naklua.

The development comes from Fed Property Co Ltd and the team behind the company is comprised of multicultural professionals who have spent the best part of their lives in and around Pattaya.

It is this knowledge of the area – and their fondness for it – that the Fed Property people think will give them a marketing edge. Plus they are offering homes that have a real flexibility and quality about them.

There are three villa types – Garden, Grand or Deluxe. There will also be two-storey homes but the developers are open to the idea of single storey properties on larger land plots, if the prospective buyer desires.



And flexibility doesn’t end there. With the Town Homes and the Garden Villas, they can also be configured to offer two or three bedrooms dependent on the buyer’s wants and needs.

The Garden Villas, as the name suggests are on plots big enough to have a decent outside area which can also accommodate a plunge pool.




Garden Villas have an internal space of 169 sqm on 54.1 sqw of land. But on the same land size those who don’t care for large outdoor areas can have a 199 sqm home in the Grand Villa design.

The Deluxe will be 199 sqm internally but on 80 sqw, which is big enough to accommodate a luxuriant garden or a large swimming pool.

So plenty of choice among the 66 villas.



Prices for the Garden Villa start at bt5.4m; for the Grand Villa its bt5.9m and the Deluxe has an entry price of bt6.9m
The Townhouse section of the village will be split into two blocks of six with a 36m lap pool separating them.

Access to the pool will be from each houses private outdoor sun deck. The Townhouse prices will start at bt3.4m.



The house designs are described as “functional yet pleasing to the eye, a fusion of European and Asian flair with the emphasis on value.”

A lot of thought – and knowledge of the local market – has gone into the choice of high quality materials for the properties. Concrete is from CPAC, tiles and the floors from SCG and the paint used is TOA Supershield.

The aim is that the village will have a lot of family appeal so a children’s playground will be incorporated in the communal areas alongside a central pool and fully equipped gym.

A spokesperson for the developers said.

“We are a group of people with various backgrounds that have one thing in common – an appreciation of Thai lifestyle and a love of living in Pattaya. We trust our buyers will feel the same way.”

“We will take care of every detail right down to which direction the windows are facing so owners can enjoy privacy. “




Tel: 094 678 1177
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.villaasiatic.com