REm recently met up with David Nowak the Corporate Food & Beverage Manager and General Manager Coast Restaurants, Centara Hotels & Resorts, to find out a little bit more about the man behind all those wonderful and to coin a word from David ‘whimsical creations.

Full Name? David W. Nowak

Nickname? * None really. But in Asia everyone just seems to call me BOSS *

Birthplace? Buffalo New York, Home of the Chicken Wing

Work? Centara Hotels & Resorts, Based at Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort, Pattaya

Latest Project? Working on a Shake and Bake Master class

Favourite spot in Pattaya? None really, I like all of the city and can be spotted all over, but prefer casual places that’s for sure

Years in Thailand? Living in Thailand, going on 5 years, visiting now over 20 years

5 guests to dinner past or present? When I have the opportunity to cook for my prior staff, it’s always a great feeling

What’s your cooking philosophy? Use of fresh juices, and ingredients combining flavors that will inspire, make it magical and whimsical

What’s your biggest inspiration? Local Markets (food, & shopping) I can spend all day wandering around the outdoor markets creating dishes and drinks in my head by seeing what is on display

The utensils you can’t do without? Wine Opener, Balloon Wisk, Cerated knife, Water Ketel, Bar Shaker

Most influential Chef? Not sure if this counts, my grandmother, as when we cooked together it was magical

Most challenging ingredient to work with? Cactus, when I was in the states I would often try to make bread and different items from cactus also Prickly Pear and the flat leaves of the cactus plant

What would you do if you weren’t a chef? DJ, I love music and in my younger much younger years, let’s say… I used to DJ in clubs. (but that was definitely a different lifetime ago… but one I find harmony and solace in when I meet those DJ’s who love talking about music, beats, and groove)

Your all-time favourite restaurant? Silly as it may sound (Coco Curry) I have been to various countries and always found one in the city I visit, something about the curry, it’s so delicious

How do you relax when you’re not working? Often to none, I’ll either be sitting at Starbucks enjoying a coffee, posting on IG or catching a movie, eating popcorn, (and yes, I love popcorn, sometimes I can’t stop ….) I’m also an avid Playstation4 Fan, so I’m often concentrating on progressing to the next level on whichever adventure series I have on at the time

Favourite type of cuisine? Yunnan and Sichuan, both from China, both unique in their own way

Favourite drink? Anything with Gin… (although when I was younger, I used to consume quite a bit of Raspberry sours while throwing peanuts on the floor at a local eatery, back in the day in Buffalo NY) Or hanging out with my school mates drinking Ice pick (Vodka & Ice tea) 4 for a dollar. On happy hour prices. (so that you know that 4 drinks for 32 THB)

Your signature dishes? Well dish ill change to Drink, and there are two, (Red Scorpion. A mix of Spiced Rum and Dark Rum, with Pineapple juice, Orange juice, and Grenadine, and the second is tough but I’ll narrow it down to Something Green, a whimsical drink which is made from Madori, Tequila, Mango juice, Orange juice and is finished off with a yellow rubber duck floating on top)

Favourite cookbook? Well, my favorite would have to be my grandmas which dates back to 1901, I keep it wrapped and airtight I open it only 1 time a year, on my birthday, and slowly review the pages, as their paper has begun to break

Some of David and his Coast teams wonderful and whimsical creations.

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