Häfele was established in 1923 in Nagold in Germany’s Black Forest and over time turned from a small local hardware specialist into a global company. The founding families Häfele and Thierer (3rd generation) are still the owners of Häfele.

Innovation has long been a hallmark for Häfele, as Alfred Häfele created the first fittings catalogue, bringing all the fittings from different suppliers together, so clients wouldn’t have to come to the shop, but could message in their needs.

Häfele (Thailand) Co. Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries of the Häfele Holding GmbH, it was formed in 1994 to support the market growth of furniture fittings and architectural hardware along with top-class alliances in the business field of construction, furniture and property trading as well with trading partners and dealers in Thailand.

Häfele provides hardware, furniture fittings, home appliances, kitchen and sanitary fittings manufactured to the top German standard for all its customers. The head office is located in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Soi 64, and the company’s spacious warehouse (32 rai) is located at Bangna Trad Road, km 22.

The company’s customers are furniture industry, furniture trade, interior fitters, hardware dealers, property investors, architects, developers and authorities from 40 dif

As Häfele’s design studios have expanded throughout Thailand, the Pattaya and Bangkok showrooms highlighting furniture fittings have been a huge success and are a major part of Häfele’s business. Euro Design and Häfele have collaborated and built multiple showroom furniture pieces and continue to do so to this very day.

When it comes to professionalism, quality, and readiness, no one can compete with Euro Design Furniture. When Mr, Hellstern, the Managing Director of Häfele in Thailand, says that there is no reason for Häfele to change contractors, it is further reassurance that Euro Design is the best in the business.

Please explain the history of Häfele, how did you start out in Thailand? What were the difficulties that you encountered when working in a foreign country?

In the beginning, there were just three people, a secretary (Khun Saowalak), a salesman (Khun Sirichai) and myself in a very small office. Now we have 1,500 employees including nine foreigners.

In the beginning, no one knew Hafele, but many companies abandoned Thailand during the 1997 financial crisis. At Häfele, however, I worked on a delayed payment plan for our products with our head office. We stood strong and we didn’t run away, endearing ourselves to our Thai clients. We have come a long way since delivering sliding doors by tuk-tuk. And I consider myself very lucky to be based in Thailand, one of the most exciting and interesting companies in Southeast Asia.

You have now recently completed the first floor of the Häfele Design Studio in Bangkok. What is the ultimate goal for the future of Hafele and the Design Studio in Bangkok?

Our customers expect innovation, perfect service, and the latest models and technology. Photos in leaflets are not good enough, you must display actual products to see how they work. So here in the design studio, we have an Innovation Centre on the ground floor where people can see, for example, how micro-apartment works and on the second floor they can get a first-hand look at the hardware we use. The design studio also serves as a meeting point for architects, young designers and clients and for all to discuss new concepts and designs.

How has the furniture style evolved in Thailand?

Thailand is actually a very modern country when it comes to design especially compared to some other Southeast Asian countries that focus on antique gold and Chinese-style furnishings. And when Thai designers do use historical motifs, they blend them well with modern décor.

Häfele and Euro Design Furniture have been working together in collaboration for many years, what is the best way to describe your professional relationship production-wise?

We have had a strong relationship with Euro Design stretching back two decades and the manager of our showroom in Charley Geser in Pattaya has played a big role in maintaining this relationship. Both companies are committed to delivering quality products and fittings and continually meeting and exceeding the expectations of customers.

Summing up Häfele, what makes you special?

Outstanding products and a perfect team. We provide complete building solutions. Also, creativity and innovation, we have over twenty product managers doing nothing else but improving existing products and finding and creating new products – we need to make sure we are always one step ahead. We create a new product almost every week.



Euro Design Furniture was formed by Heinz Pichler and Luc Parietti in 1999. Heinz already owned and operated a small furniture manufacturing shop with a great reputation for innovative designs and quality furniture. When Luc added his energy and vision to that shop, a new company formed, expanding into customized home interior design projects and hotel, restaurant, office and even yacht renovations. In 2006, driven by huge demand, the company built a 2,500 square-meter production facility in North Pattaya, and French-Canadian Jacques Lefebvre joined the team as Director of Operations. His organization skills, combined with the significant increase in production capacity, allowed the company to service a much wider range of clientèle and handle much larger renovation projects. One of those projects was the company’s own showroom, and the luxurious 450 square-meter building has been a tremendous success since its beautiful renovation.


Managing Director Luc Parietti works feverishly upstairs to help developers and businesses get the most attractive design and best use of space for their floor plan, while Marketing & Design staff in the showroom enable individual customers to understand what Euro Design’s creative ingenuity really provides. Euro Design’s mission has never changed: when a customer walks through the glass doors, they will get what they want.