The restaurant part of Murphy’s Irish Pub and Restaurant in Soi Khao Noi serves up good quality food at very acceptable prices in a friendly setting.

Haute cuisine it ain’t …. and it has no pretensions to be so. By the same token, the term “pub grub” doesn’t do it justice … it’s a sizeable step up from that.

Dining at Murphy’s is a delight. The choice of mains is excellent and wide-ranging and the starters are substantial and tasty.

Chicken satay followed by Lamb Shank is a personal favourite as a combination, writes Dave Buckley.

But there are times when, having eaten the satay, I’m not sure I can do justice to the lamb which comes with mash, vegetables and gravy – a more than satisfying meal.

My preference, if ordering two courses, is to go for a starter and a main. I’m not too fussed about desserts, though Murphy’s has several good ones to remind you of “home” (wherever that may be). Of course, if you have a sweet tooth you could adapt my approach to ordering and take the main first and see if you still have room for a sweet.

A section of the premises is set aside for dining but it is possible to eat anywhere so solo customers wanted to park themselves in front of the TV to watch some sport while eating a good meal will feel very comfortable.

Murphy’s prides itself on presenting major sporting events. Expect good coverage of this year’s rugby world cup, for example. Ireland are involved, so owner Steve Murphy is very likely to take an interest and be running promotions.

That said, Murphy’s does not describe itself as a sports bar, but I think it could.

Murphys Irish Pub Pattaya

So let me pick out a few highlights from the menu.

Murphy’s offers a great selection of breakfasts served up until 1pm. Eggs, bacon and Irish/UK-style sausages are served in every combination imaginable. Those seeking something lighter can opt for Muesli with milk and banana or a bowl of fresh fruit topped with natural yoghurt.

They do daily specials ranging from Ham off the Bone through Chicken Balti (another favourite – I like Indian cuisine) and on to Sunday roasts, a big plate.

I should be pointed out that there is no shortage of Thai food on offer. It covers two pages of the menu.

Thai offerings include most of the dishes a non-Thai would expect to see such as Massaman curry, Phad Thai, Tom Yum soup, chicken and cashew nut (another favourite) and many more. As you would expect, the heat (spice) of the dishes can be turned up of cooler down based on personal preference.

In addition to all of the above Murphy’s offers a great selection of bar snacks. My personal favourite is the chicken samosas – several big samosas served with a bowl of curried mayonnaise. If you don’t fancy a main meal, this is a great alternative. I ordered it so regularly that the staff started to ask if I wished to order it ahead of me saying anything!

Murphy’s offers a menu that caters for many tastes. It is easy to find something to appeal.

Wash the meal down with just about any drink you can name from the well-stocked bar as well as a great selection of draught beers including Guinness, for a great evening out.

Murphy’s Irish Pub & Restaurant the family friend pub in East Pattaya (don’t forget the pub also has a swimming pool at the back not only to dine around but the kids can also use.)



Opposite Soi 12, Khao Noi, East Pattaya

096 950 1587