FAME officially opened on June 7 with a spectacular party. Guests enjoyed live music a fire show plus the opportunity to visit each venue and sample what’s in store at FAME.

Food. Art. Music. Entertainment. FAME, Pattana’s all-star four-venue destination is NOW OPEN!

FAME is a dining destination, as well as a flexible venue for all kinds of events with five dazzling dining and entertainment venues.

THE BARN, KHUN P Just Noodles, O-REN SAN and STRINGS & JUGS are the four mains venues at this creatively thought out addition to the area, each with its own cuisine and unique, modern design.

Supported by an expert team of caterers and event planners, FAME is equipped to host events tailored to all needs.

Central Piazza is FAMEs outdoor centerpiece. Lush, green outdoor spaces for al fresco functions completely with the latest audiovisual technology – ideal for outdoor performances, presentations or ceremonies, and nighttime entertainment under the stars.

Whether an individual venue for a private party, or a tour or team-building group, hosting an outdoor function in the piazza, or taking over the entire FAME district for a larger event, FAME can cater to your needs.


Carefully roasted homemade coffee in a charming space. The Barn has a hipster vibe an urban hang out serving the best fresh coffee, beverages and pastries, an instantly Instagram able location with its minimalist modern farmhouse setting.

The Barn is also co-working friendly.

KHUN P Just Noodles

KHUN P offers diners real deal noodles with something special.

A noodle haven that serves up authentic handmade noodles in a time-tested family recipe – hearty comfort food that will speak to your soul.

Traditional, heartwarming bowls of noodles in a friendly and homey atmosphere.


FAME explains O-REN SAN like this;

Imagine that you are in the restaurant where O-Ren Ishii met Elle for the final time in the movie Kill Bill. This is an edgy, traditional and inspiring venue made to be a trendsetter. As you are transported into the movie set, which role will you take? O-Ren or Elle? Let your imagination wander as you savor the finest Toro sushi, Kobe, and Sakes we have to offer.

That works for us! A Japanese Grill with a twist!


A Hop lovers paradise offering an impressive line-up of over 10 draft beers and many more by the bottle.

With a well-curated beer menu, S&J make it easy for you to discover your new favorite beer their staff are trained on new breweries and beer trends to help you navigate the constantly rotating selections. With a passion for beer, in S&J you can experience beers from all around the world, alongside several exciting domestic craft favorites.

Nightly live music is also a feature at S&J and if you’re a sports fanatic?

You’ll never miss a football match as it’s the perfect venue to catch all the sports on one of their large screen TVs..

Beer, sports, music… do you really need anything else in life?



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