Not so long ago, online food delivery services were limited to pizza, fried chicken and burgers from large international chains.

Food delivery services are among the few local businesses that will not only survive but thrive throughout the outbreak in Thailand and while restaurants and bars are suffering under the weight of covid-19, the food delivery market is booming.

Here are some of the apps you can use in Pattaya to get your fill and how to use them.


GrabFood Thailand announced in its first four months of 2019 it reached over 4 million orders, so it has pedigree and now it has introduced ‘contactless delivery’ to ensure the hygiene and health of customers during the Covid-19 crisis.

GrabFood and its restaurant providers have also reevaluated safety guidelines…

• Drivers will be wearing face masks as they follow customers’ directions via an in-app chat as to where to deliver their order.
• Safety guidelines in food preparation and packaging.
• Customers are advised to make payments via GrabPay to reduce the transmission risk.



Line Man is a home-grown service in Thailand with a very intuitive user-interface, and has a magnificent navigation system, which allows keeping track of live orders

• The delivery driver calls every step of the way.

• Covers nearly every restaurant on Wongnai.

• The app always offers promos for discounts.


Hungry Now

Hungry Now is a fast and reliable food delivery service in Pattaya that provides customers with a secure and easy way to order and pay for food from their partnered restaurant throughout the city.

The easy to use app is a favourite of many in Pattaya, both restaurant owners and customers alike.