Krungsri Credit Card Get ready to hit the big market. Launching a brand new campaign, “The Best of … Everything”, offers you an immersive experience to answer your every need. Reveals Product Development, Promotions and Continuity Services Enhance product and service technology. Targeted to increase spending growth by 10% and increase the number of cards to 2.2 million accounts at the end of the year.

Mr. Somwang Torukrakul, Managing Director of Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited, disclosed the launch of the new brand communication campaign. “Krungsri Credit Card … Finally … Everything” At My Kitchen, Siam Discovery Center said, “The main objective of this new brand image is to provide KRUNGSRI Credit Card A brand that customers think about and spend as a primary card. For existing customers. This is the age of 35-45 years and to attract new generation of customers aged 20 or above to expand their customer base. Because of our recent market research, it was found that even Krungsri Credit Card It has a large customer base of 2 million accounts and has a wide range of products. But the image of the customer is not clear. We need to adjust the image to stand out. Focus on the strengths of Krungsri Credit Card. With a variety of products. Fulfill all lifestyle needs. The premium customers. Lifestyle group To the brand card. It also offers benefits. And promotions that meet the needs of customers. And can be used in everyday life. Eating, shopping, and lifestyle are all different types of minds, minds, and minds, so it is the origin of the concept. “Krungsri Credit Card … most … everything” which is the main concept in our brand communication. ”

Brand communication campaign “Krungsri Credit Card … The Most … Everything” focuses on brand communication through 3 online advertising films In a different way. In the end of the giving. Most of the likes And most of the journey. To convey the strengths of Krungsri Credit Card. This is a great way to experience the richness of each person’s style. Through digital media and social media, as well as out-of-home advertising media, print media. And the marketing materials of Krungsri credit card. Including media at Bank of Ayudhya branch. The target group is a new generation of people aged 20 years and over, as well as existing customers of Krungsri Credit Card.  and the social media channels of Krungsri Credit Card.



“In addition to the campaign to communicate brand new image. In the second half. Krungsri Credit Card There are plans to continually penetrate the market. It will adjust both products, promotions and services to provide the ultimate experience … everything. The answer to all the different lifestyles of each customer. Credit Card Products There will be major benefits to premium products. And mass customer Make it easier to spend. And more in line with the needs of customers in each group. To attract new customers. They focus on cards that have core benefits consistent with their lifestyle. For example, to adjust the benefits of Krungsri Exclusive Signature Card to enjoy the luxury lifestyle or Krungsri JCB card that offers new benefits. Eat money. Both domestic and international. For those who love to travel and have a modern lifestyle. It also plans to release new branded card products. In the last quarter of this year, the company also plans to promote more. It plans to offer Krungsri credit cards to suit the lifestyle of customers. The second card is for customers who hold a Krungsri credit card. To increase the number of new cards ”

“In terms of promotions and services, the company The company plans to bring cutting-edge technology to enhance its products, services and promotions, such as online services through the UCHOOSE application, which will be the main channel for customers to make transactions. For example, checking account information, redemption points, e-coupons, discounts or merchandise at the point of sale, launching a new chat service via Facebook. Messenger of the Krungsri Credit Card this September to provide answering services, product advice 24-hour real-time service and promotions, Big Data integration with Machine Learning and Geolocation technology for in-depth customer data analysis. To help promote the marketing promotion to fit the lifestyle of each customer. And meet the real needs of customers at the right time. And promotion of marketing promotion in the group of popular shopping. To encourage customers to use Krungsri credit card. The main card to spend on a daily basis, such as oil payments. Eating out Shop and offer promotional campaigns with more online stores. To continuously increase spending through the card. Both in daily life and online. The company expects. Key benefits of value-for-money card products. And respond to different lifestyles. And a variety of Krungsri credit cards. Fast and convenient services will help increase the number of new customers. Total number of customers.