Located at the spectacular and world renowned Nong Nooch Botanical Gardens just outside Pattaya, this first class facility is part of one of the most significant botanical wonderlands in south-east Asia.



The Nongnooch Exhibition Centre consist of one large auditorium of 5,610sqm which can be partitioned into three smaller halls of 2,804sqm or 1,386sqm x 2 dependent on requirements with audio-visual equipment, services and a comprehensive and high speed wi-fi.



Kampon Tansacha, director of Nong Nooch Garden Pattaya, says:

“The construction of the Pattaya Nong Nooch Convention Centre is in line with Government policy to develop tourism in the eastern region and the EEC. We have spent more than Bt1,000 million to build the convention center. We can accommodate more than 10,000 people with car parking of up to 1,000 cars and it is the largest convention centre in the eastern region.”