This happens to everyone; The name of someone you just ran into on the street… Where you left your keys… A phone number you’ve dialed dozens of times…

The third thing in the list of three you were trying to tell somebody – the senior moments seem to proliferate as you get older.

Occasional glitches like these are normal.

One quick method for helping you learn information is to say it out loud – not just read it silently. Research shows that writing and typing what you’re trying to learn also helps improve memory retention and while you’re at it make the lights brighter in your house.

Dim light reduces the brain’s production of brain derived neurotrophic factor which stimulates better connections among the neurons in the hippo-campus.

Walking backwards also improves memory and can help you remember where you put your car keys or where you parked at the mall.

That doesn’t just mean retracing your steps. Use a reversed treadmill.

A study shows that actually moving backwards (while being careful not to trip and fall!) can help bring you back in time – mentally speaking and thereby help you remember a past event.

Take vitamin D, Curcumin, drink more water: dehydration is a common problem in Thailand. Drink organic Coconut oil.


Smart pills : Lithium Orotate 1×5 mg can halt memory loss in its tracks and even improve the functioning of your brain. It could add years to your life, and help you keep your keen memory and sharp thinking as you age, so you don’t fall into the helplessness of memory loss.

If you’re already suffering from memory loss it could help you improve your memory… your learning ability, your verbal fluency… all in as little as four weeks.

Smart Vinpocetine 2 x 10 mg has an astonishing beneficial effect on memory, recall and mental acuity occurs principally because of its ability to bring age-related declines in the cellular energy functions of the brain back to more youthful levels.

It’s Viagra for the brain, increases blood flow to the brain through mild dilation of the blood vessels, which in turn dramatically boosts glucose and oxygen uptake by the brain’s 100 billion neurons.

The neurons thrive on this increased glucose and oxygen, which in turn is used to produce prodigious quantities of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, which is pure cellular energy and will come back to the levels of a young adult.

Not available in Thai pharmacies, ask Dr. Google.

Finally, this increased energy activity triggers two crucial functions in the brain: increased cell-to-cell communication for quicker thinking, and repair and/or replacement of damaged brain cells for optimal brain function.

Let’s face it, we’re all going to have those moments when something we’re trying to remember seems to hover just out of reach. But these memory tricks and smart pills minimizes those frustrating occasions.

I use it myself, and I’m well known in our community for a fab short & long memory.