Esthetic beauty, challenge, and friendly play


Whilst closed, earlier this year, Siam Country Club Waterside Golf Course Pattaya used the time productively making upgrades to its already magical course.

The course will be designed by IMG Golf Course Design, one of the world-renowned golf course architects and experts in world sport and event management, and will regenerate and enhance the property worthy of future domestic and international investment. Strict environment cares, esthetic beauty, challenge, and friendly play are the emphases of the Waterside design with the absolute distinct differences from the famous Old Course and the goal of the Waterside beautification program is to make the course more attractive as well as more enjoyable to play for all golfers.

The works were performed over three months during that time many new trees were planted while older trees were moved and pruned to create beauty and shade for the golfers, bunkers were all reshaped to be more visible and change into a variety of sizes and shapes.

Also, bunker sand was adjusted to the ideal depth for playability.

The new tees were built to create new vistas and more playing options along with tall grass that was removed from the play area and replanted with shorter and more golf friendly grasses.

Additionally, all of Waterside’s fairways were expanded, giving a more pleasant look to the course.

The All-New-Waterside, we believe, is looking more beautiful and most importantly more playable, giving an overall more enjoyable playing experience.


Detailed work on the course hole by hole:

Hole 1: Par 4 

New trees, reshaped bunkers, leveled bunker sand.

Hole 2: Par 3

New tee added along with new trees and reshaped fairways

Hole 3: Par 4 

New tee added to the left along with bunker and sand readjustment

Hole 4: Par 4 

All bunkers reshaped and leveled 

Hole5: Par 4 

All bunkers reshaped and leveled 

Hole 6: Par 

All bunkers reshaped and leveled, along with a selection of new trees

Hole 7: Par 

Expanded fairway front of the green, new trees behind the green and reshaped bunkers

Hole 8: Par 

Expand right edge of the fairway,100 yards from the green along with a new tee and 30 trees, a new bunker back to the left of the green was also added and an expansion of the fairway left, 50 yards from the green

Hole 9: Par 4

Added new bunker back left of green Expand fairway left at 50 yards from the green

Hole 10: Par 5

Re-shaped bunkers and leveled sand

Hole 11: Par 4

New trees added both left and right along with a reshaped and hollowed left fairway, bunkers, and sand

Hole 12: Par 3

New trees, bunker, and sand leveled

Hole 13: Par 4

Reshaped bunkers

Hole 14: Par 4

New trees, bunker, and sand leveled

Hole 15: Par 4

Bunker and sand leveled, along with new trees to the right

Hole 16: Par 3

New trees, bunker, and sand leveled

Hole 17: Par 4

The fairway has been expanded 50 yards with over 30 new trees and work on the bunkers including sand leveling

Hole 18: Par 5

Expanded fairway at the first landing and in front of the green along with bunker reshaping and new trees