A second coming of tailoring and suiting was already well on its way, but now getting dressed up might feel like an urgent necessity, people will be sick off lounge/sportswear and being at home, people want to think about when they can wear a nice jacket and go to an event or be at a nice restaurant again.

In that way, buying suits, trousers, and blazers again won’t just be a way to help local businesses, it’ll be a symbol of hope, too.

The suit is the modern gentleman’s armour.

This is a snippet of dialogue uttered by Colin Firth in the movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service.

The words are uttered as part of a plot that helps perpetuate the gentleman spy theme started by 007 back in the early ’60s.

In the more up-to-date 2015 film, the Kingsman agents have their “bullet-proof” suits specially made in the Savile Row tailors of the same name which acts as a front for their clandestine secret agent organization.

The concept of a well-made suit defining a modern gentleman is not so far-fetched – in my opinion!

AMA Fashion Pattaya

I have had a few suits made for me in Pattaya and still have them and very well made they were/are, too.

And a suit made in Pattaya is much better value and maybe even quality.

AMA Fashion Pattaya is located just over the traffic lights on Pattaya Klang towards Beach Road is in our opinion not only the best value but the best quality in Pattaya.

With over 20 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, they have gained a deserved reputation for not only providing high-quality bespoke clothing but also offering a highly personable service where clients are treated as friends and long-lasting friendships are created.

They offer a bespoke tailoring service for both men and women and are an authorized retailer for the world-renowned Harris Tweed.

“We believe everyone should own a fine a fine suit.”

“AMA Fashion understands that there is no such thing as standard body shape. Our clothes are crafted for the individual, not mass-produced for many people similar to you.

By choosing bespoke clothing, you are making a statement. You are letting the world know that you respect quality, precision, and above all else, yourself.

BY choosing AMA Fashion to create your next bespoke suit and shirts, you are guaranteeing that you will always look your absolute best, no matter the occasion.”

AMA Fashion

Check them out www.ama-fashion.com or www.facebook.com/tailorpattaya/