Flare the Hilton Pattaya’s Pan-Asian restaurant is giving dining’s the opportunity to taste traditional Asian cuisine presented in a contemporary manner.

If you’ve never been to Flare your missing out! The Hilton offers great dining experiences at both its Horizon restaurant and Edge restaurant however Flare offers something unique to Pattaya.

The quiet ambiance of Flare together with its subtle lighting sets the scene and the moment you step foot in the restaurant your instantly in another world, one where you’re on a journey to food and cocktail heaven.

Flare oozes class but isn’t pretensive in the slightest, the staff are friendly and on hand making each guest feel at ease explain the menu and the flavours on offer.

As a side note if you and your group are wishing to dine privately Flare also offers this offer with a larger table at the rear of the restaurant wear curtains and drapes can give you an exclusive dining experience, ideal for a special occasion or party.

Speaking to the Head Chef he spoke of the current food experience on offer at Flare, Golden Triangle’. This fantastic menu has been available from April and is still available till the end of June and gives you the opportunity to taste traditional food from Thailand, Myanmar and Laos.

The concept as well as the application is not only fantastic but beautifully presented and ideal for sharing, especially in such an environment as Flare.

The dishes on offer in this special Golden Triangle menu are:
Dishes from Northern Thailand including ‘Lanna Khantoke’, a set of fish sauce-glazed pork belly, Gaeng Hung Lay or Northern Thai pork ribs curry, Sai-Ua or Northern Thai sausage, crispy pork rinds, minced pork and tomatoes chili dip and green chili dip at THB 950 nett and ‘Laab Moo Kua’, Northern Thai-style minced pork salad with local herbs served with crispy shallots, crispy pork rinds, fresh vegetables and sticky rice at THB 400 nett.

If Khao Soi is your favorite dish, ‘Khauk Swè Thoke’ is the must. Khauk Swè Thoke is Burmese Khao Soi or Burmese noodle salad, stir-fried noodle with minced pork, shallots, coconut milk, Thai fermented soybean and tomatoes served with condiments including crispy fried chicken, mung bean sprouts, cashew nuts, crispy shallot and pickled carrot and cucumber at THB 350 nett.

Selections of Laotian cuisine are available including ‘Or Lam’, Laotian striploin stew with local herbs, local vegetables and rice ground at THB 450 nett and a spicy dish ‘Abb Pla’ grilled local herbs-marinated seabass in banana leaf served with fresh vegetables at THB 400 nett.

Flare plan to continue with their Asian inspired themed menu’s so watch this space and we will keep you informed what’s next!

As well as the special menu’s Flare also offers an al carte menu combining traditional tastes of rural Asian kitchens with fine ingredients from around the world and specializes in serving imported oysters from USA, France, Australia and Ireland as well as an extensive wine list and their very own unique cocktail menu.

FLARE truly is a unique dining experience.

Flare Restaurant is located on level 15 of Hilton Pattaya and opens daily from 6pm – 10.30pm. For more information or reservation, please call +66(0)38-253-000 or Line ID @hiltonpattaya