The Empire of Origin is winning!

Within only the first quarter of 2018 Origin is already showing their 2018 income net profit with rises of 217%.

Outstanding condo designs and great locations are their winning ticket.

The first quarter of 2018 has been ground-breaking after the launch of its latest project ‘KnightsBridge’, with a sales plan valued at Bt20 billion.

Chief executive Peerapong Jaroon-ek said:

“This year we broke all records, we have made lot more profit than we expected in only a few months compared to last year at this stage.

“This year we made an increase of 20.2 %.

“This is mainly due to our land acquisitions and money managing.

“Last year we worked with Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. of Japan, increasing profit.

“Meanwhile, we also had a sales backlog of of Park 24 project first phase after working with Proud Residences Co., Ltd.

“We have transfer and income records that’s how we know we got stronger.

“We are planning to do three more projects this year under the Knightsbridge name worth more than Bt6,000 million.
It’s not officially launched yet, but we already have had a good response from customers and that’s a great sign, our pre-sale goal is 70%.

“Our goal is to make residential housing and condo complexes working alongside good real estate companies who also have a full range of property-related services meeting the needs of customers in every segment.

“We believe if we continue producing a quality we will achieve our sales goals gaining more customers.

“The company is and has continuously developed condominiums and we have been continued to grow. Thus far we have built more than 46 condominiums with the aim being ‘the most stylish’.

“All condominiums by Origin offer unique designs as well as functional layouts and excellence aftersales service that we believe is worth every baht spent. Reflecting our company’s core value focusing on giving the best product value at a reasonable price to meet the customer’s satisfaction.”